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When you apply to an MBA, you also apply to an Alumni Network, that will be a key resource for your future. As part of the 30,000 member strong EDHEC alumni association, you can have access to a…
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13 Jan 2016

When you apply to an MBA, you also apply to an Alumni Network, that will be a key resource for your future. As part of the 30,000 member strong EDHEC alumni association, you can have access to a powerful networking resource spread across the globe in 121 countries. The potential of such a vast and well-reputed community knows no limits but it is important to use the right etiquette to get the best results.

The EDHEC Alumni Association is pleased to offer the following networking tips which can be adapted to almost any networking situation:

Know who you are

Your story, your culture, your values, your skills enable you to be yourself and to contribute to the value of your networks. Be conscious of your passions, your convictions, your professional and personal objectives in order to network according to your centers of interest.

Be patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your results will come at the end of several months, probably not before.

Be responsible

Make a commitment, respect your commitments, participate and contribute to the activities of your networks so that your contacts can appreciate your cooperation and your contributions, express yourselves, make useful interventions...

Be positive and energise
Your smile is communicative, have fun, pleasure is an extraordinary motor. Know how to express your feelings, show humour to be nice and establish a constructive conviviality.

Know how to present yourself
Orally in 15 words, in writing, with your business card, with your email signature, with your body language and your clothes to have an authentic, positive and constructive impact on your network contacts.

Be sure to listen
Be very attentive to other people, establish a respectful exchange for short, medium and long term to enrich your ideas and experiences of others.

Be humble
Be humble and not modest. You can be ambitious for yourself and for others to go faster and further together, to reach your objectives both with and thanks to the members of your networks.


Be generous and friendly
Give to receive in exchange. Do not calculate. Be not obsessed by the short-term.
Learn how to receive, learn how to ask for help, and learn to show recognition to the giver. Thank the person who gives something to you (a contact, information...).

Benevolence is communicative
It generates good and is useful to facilitate mutual aid and cordial relations between all the members of your networks.

Stay curious
Approach both known and unknown people with an open mind. Look at what happens to you with curiosity. There are opportunities to learn permanently and progress.

Be reactive and proactive
React when others communicate with you, go towards others, be proactive to strengthen your links and share your knowledge. Take initiatives by involving your network.

Be original
Remember to thank those who help you: an invitation to lunch, a ticket for a concert, a relevant press article...

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