A night of creativity that truly inspired

Written on 07 November 2013.

Would you like to be a dream designer? Techno-surgeon? How about a joy maker? These were just a few of the futuristic jobs that students came up with during the annual Nuit de la Créativité held 4 November on EDHEC’s Lille campus.

More than 650 first-year EDHEC students participated in the competition, which pitted teams against each other in a contest of imagination and innovation. The event included an introduction to the creative process by Mark Raison of Yellow Ideas, a creativity consulting firm, as well as training in how to be a creativity coach. The creativity contest started in earnest at 7 p.m.; when Véronique Delannoy, a 1978 EDHEC graduate and the general director of the Réseau Entreprendre du Nord, announced the theme of the evening – Jobs of the Future. At this point, students divided up into teams (each named after a job that no longer exists) and headed off to pre-assigned classrooms to start brainstorming.

Team “Collassiers,” or saddle makers, got right to work. During the initial, 10-minute brainstorming session, which was held in silence, students wrote down as many ideas as possible on sticky notes. Afterward, they read their ideas aloud, but no one could comment. Next, they chose 6 famous people and came up with ideas to match the famous personalities. At this point, they had generated more than 100 ideas and sticky notes covered the classroom white board. Next, they used coloured stickers to choose their favourite ideas and to rank them in terms of feasibility. They then took the ideas with five stickers or more and discarded those that were either too easy or cliché. In the end, after nearly two hours of work, they had their future job idea: an environmental police officer. 

They spent the next hour or so preparing a poster and writing up a detailed description of their environmental police officer job. They also created a PowerPoint slide. At 10 p.m., they presented these three items to the judges and returned to the EDHEC auditorium for the next part of the evening. During the next hour or so, they watched a presentation of photos taken during the 2013 EDHEC Concours by two representatives of the Ecole Supérieure des Arts de l’Image in Brussels. The photos, some in black and white, showed young candidates as they prepared for interviews – ironing a suit jacket, reviewing notes, or quietly reflecting. When students spotted a friend or familiar place on campus, they erupted into cheers.

At about 11 p.m., the judges returned to the auditorium and announced the top 10 winning ideas, including a chemist who creates anti-radiation skin creams, an architect of sky-cities, a dream designer, and a water-maker. But the grand winner was the garbage cooker – a technician who takes trash and turns it into succulent and healthy meals. Yum!

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