Nikolaos Tessaromatis speaking on factor investing at the 8th Wealth Management Forum

Written on 12 November 2018.

Nikos Tessaromatis, Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School and Member, EDHEC-Risk Institute, will be speaking on factor investing at the 18th Wealth Management Forum in Athens on 29 November, 2018.

The conference will provide a comprehensive networking platform for businessmen, wealthy investors, professional investors & advisors and meanwhile it will deliver knowledge updates from leading industry professionals locally and abroad.

The forum will focus on the global macro dynamics and investments while taking a closer look at the new technological trends regarding the industry. What are the broad persistent drivers of return that underlie all asset classes? What are the benefits and opportunities that factor-based investing offers to both institutional and retail investors? Diversified Growth Funds have seen a significant rise in popularity over recent years, now forming part of many, if not most, institutional or private investor investment strategies. What is the new era of technological changes taking place in the wealth management and investments industry? How this can affect the daily tasks of a Wealth Management Advisor? What are the Regulatory developments in the field of Asset Management? What are blockchain and cryptocurrencies? This conference will exclusively feature dialogue driven panel discussions led by industry leaders. The conference will also facilitate networking with other delegates.

Nikos Tessaromatis will be speaking at the event on the theme "Factor investing – the next revolution in investment management".

Factor investing, the idea that systematic investment factors such as size, value, quality or momentum are the broad persistent drivers of return that underlie all asset classes, is grounded in years of academic research. Over the last 10 years smart betas and factor investing are changing the way portfolios are managed with many large and sophisticated investors adopting a factor-based framework. In parallel, for retail investors smart beta portfolios under the wrap of ETFs provide cheap and easy access to factor-based portfolios. The presentation discusses the benefits and opportunities that factor-based investing offers to both institutional and retail investors.


You can access the full programme here.


Prior to joining EDHEC Business School and the EDHEC Risk Institute as Professor of Finance, Dr Tessaromatis held senior positions in asset management in London and Athens. He was CEO and CIO of EDEKT Asset Management, Principal and Head of Research and Product Development at Gartmore Investment Management, Associate Director at Nat-West Investment Management and Senior Quantitative Analyst at Hermes Investment Management. A financial economist with interest and experience in applying modern portfolio theory to the management of institutional assets, his professional experience includes creation and management of quantitatively driven investment products, index fund management, portfolio risk management and advice on strategic asset allocation. He taught at Warwick Business School, ALBA Graduate Business School and the Yale School of Management-EDHEC-Risk Certificate in Risk and Investment Management.



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