Only 2 days to go before the launch of the EDHEC-Princeton Retirement Goal-Based Investing Index Series!

Written on 27 April 2018.

EDHEC-Risk Institute has been conducting a meaningful research programme on retirement solutions. The institute stands that existing retirement products do not fit with individuals' actual retirement needs and could be improved by applying Goal-Based Investing principles.

In an effort to help increase awareness around the need for improved retirement solutions, EDHEC-Risk Institute and the Princeton Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE) Department have teamed up to launch the EDHEC-Princeton Retirement Goal-Based Investing index series. These indices are based on joint academic research conducted with the support of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management on the application of goal-based investing (GBI) principles to the retirement problem.

They propose to apply the principles of goal-based investing to the design of a new generation of retirement goal-based investing strategies, which can be regarded as risk-controlled target date funds that strike a balance between safety and performance with respect to the objective of generating replacement income.


Two types of indices will be presented…


  • Retirement goal price indices, which represent the price of $1 of replacement income per year, for various retirement dates
  • Retirement goal-based investing indices, which represent the performance of the improved risk-controlled target date fund strategies invested in the goal-hedging portfolio and a performance-seeking portfolio


… and will answer two important questions:

  • How much replacement income can be acquired from a given level of retirement savings?
  • How does one generate the kind of upside potential that is needed to achieve target levels of replacement income while securing minimum consumption levels in retirement?


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