Pride, nostalgia and excitement at EDHEC Executive MBA graduation ceremony in Lille

On May 20, 2022, EDHEC’s Executive MBA classes 2019, 2020 and 2021 gathered on the Lille campus to officially receive their diplomas and celebrate their achievements. A total of 214 graduates have…

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25 May 2022

On May 20, 2022, EDHEC’s Executive MBA classes 2019, 2020 and 2021 gathered on the Lille campus to officially receive their diplomas and celebrate their achievements. A total of 214 graduates have lived through a transformative executive programme of academic and experiential learning, personal and professional development. “Those 16 months at EDHEC were a challenging but exciting time and a humbling experience. We learned so much, we worked very hard, we challenged each other and cooperated on amazing projects, we laughed so much, much but above all helped and supported each other in all our ambitions, doubts and respective projects! What a year, what a fantastic program to be part of!” summarised Yann Boulic, from the 2019 class enthusiastically. 

Ready for the challenges of tomorrow thanks to an executive MBA

“Transformation is central to business, whatever industry, whatever company you are working in. (…) You need to be ready to embrace change personally in order to transform the people, organisations and processes around you.” suggested Guillaume Despatures, Chairman of the Board Somfy and patron of the ceremony in his speech. 

“EDHEC’s motto is #makeanimpact” continued Prof. Denis Dauchy, Programme Director of the EDHEC Executive MBA. “The impact of our executive MBA is, more precisely, focused on transformation for entrepreneurial and executive roles. True to the values of transformation and impact, the EDHEC Executive MBA is constantly improved and adapted to the needs of business, of our participants and of society. Leadership development , which is a big part of the Executive MBA curriculum, is now more important than ever. Because in the current environment, the succession of crises, our contribution for building the right type of leadership is even more important! “. 

“Your responsibility as a leader is to ensure that we are able to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow collectively, ensuring the cohesion and engagement of your teams because of the values that you incorporate. These are the solid foundations that will allow us to face this instability, this uncertainty, while giving meaning to our people, where each decision must be guided by the its utility to future generations, where each action contributes to a more viable, livable, more inclusive world. “, added Stéphane Canonne, Director of EDHEC Executive Education

Continuous improvement of the executive MBA curriculum, academic excellence and the acquisition of directly applicable skills are much appreciated by participants. They were recognized not only in this year’s graduates’ emotional speeches but also, time and again, in rankings and the much sought-after triple-crown accreditation of EDHEC’s MBAs.

A profound transformation to create new opportunities – and lifelong friendships

To lead transformation and turn challenges into opportunities, tomorrow’s leaders must be confident in their ability to make critical decisions, think outside the box, and assert their leadership style ethically, respectfully, and responsibly. Therefore, the EDHEC executive MBA puts a strong focus on personal development and leadership training in addition to academic content end hands-on experiential learning.

“Creating opportunities …  “ said Julie Konde Rayez   (EDHEC executive MBA 2019 cohort) “ That is exactly what we did by joining the EDHEC Executive MBA, coming from different horizons with different ambitions but with the common and strong will to create new opportunities in our lives. We can all testify how this experience has changed us - personally and professionally. Beyond the academic knowledge, we learnt to be attentive to ourselves (as our body and mind are our 1rst assets). We also learnt to be creative, innovative, and - above all – to believe in our abilities “. 

Julie’s moving tribute to her co-students made it clear that the executive MBA provided another important opportunity: the one to forge lifelong friendships, to share unforgettable moments, to overcome challenges together (and in times of a global pandemic that restricted movement, gatherings and business trips, there were plenty of challenges for these three cohorts) to grow together and reach for the stars.

Lifelong learning post executive MBA

Wishing them well on their post-EDHEC journey, Prof Dauchy encouraged the executive MBA participants to “Make the most of your new diploma. Don’t forget, transformation is a never-ending process. Be sure we will be your partner forever! “. Because this is what the supportive EDHEC Alumni community is all about. 

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