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Online - June 20, 2023. From 2 pm to 5 pm (GMT +1)

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6 Jun 2023
Infrastructure Investment Masterclass 2023

InfraMetrics Masterclass: from robustness to granularity

The new infraMetrics Masterclass is packed with new training material on how to invest in infrastructure using better methods and better data. A 3-hour session will be led by Dr. Frederic Blanc-Brude, Ph.D., Director of EDHECinfra, Abhishek Gupta, Head of infraMetrics Product Development and several industry guests to comment on key approaches to infrastructure investing and how it is done in the real world.

The Institute is delighted to welcome several guests to provide some industry perspective on using infraMetrics for a number of key use cases. They are: Stéphane Gallon, Global Risk Officer and Chief Economist, Meridiam; Gerald Wu, Deputy Portfolio Manager, LGPS and Peder Korsgaard, Director Head of Unlisted Valuation & Reporting, PFA Asset Management.

The sessions will focus on benchmarking and risk reporting, due diligence and valuation techniques, yield targeting and how to measure granular, yet robust comps.



  1. Comparables: how to build customised yet solid comps.
  2. Investment benchmarks: find your market, your peer group and your vintage (and forget about absolute returns).
  3. Fair Value: why computing marks more frequently (and accurately) is important, and how to do it.


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