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15 Jul 2020

Sebastien LAPP is an EDHEC alumni. Born bicultural, he lived in China for 9 years where he obtained his high school diploma from the Lycée Français de Shanghaï, one of the best in the world*. In 2015, he enrolled at EDHEC where he did both his undergraduate and graduate studies. He is currently working as an International Project Manager Assistant at L’Oréal


Sebastien LAPP


EDHEC International BBA fulfilled my wish to get a French diploma in Business which could teach me various skills (accounting, finance, marketing, supply chain...). EDHEC also helped to complete my international profile and specialise in luxury marketing and strategy consulting. 

The first two years at EDHEC International BBA gave me the opportunity to grasp key concepts to get a good overview of business fundamentals. My 3rd year with a marketing major and my 4th year with a luxury industry major helped me get internships in world-renown corporations like Hermès and L’Oréal. EDHEC also offered me the opportunity to go on an academic exchange where I had the chance to attend the University of Birmingham** for a semester and take various electives and courses under a different teaching method. These internships and courses helped me build strong credentials in Operational and Strategic marketing.


Birmingham University

Birmingham University


Then, I seized the opportunity to enrol in EDHEC's MSc. in Strategy, Consulting & Digital Transformation***. This graduate degree focused on high-level corporate decisions and tough strategic challenges, supplemented my undergraduate education.

In these 5 years at EDHEC, extracurricular activities were at the core of my personal development. Student clubs and associations are very important in EDHEC's student life. I personally took part in TEDxEDHEC as Head of Speakers during my last year in MSc.

The overall package that EDHEC offers both from business fundamentals and majors, as well as its MSc. programmes, gives you the necessary tools to build an outstanding resume. 


*Lycée Français de Shanghaï: 100% de mentions, 70% de mentions Très Bien
** University of Birmingham: ranked in the top 80 worldwide (QS world ranking 2019)
***EDHEC MSc in Strategy: ranked in the top 12 worldwide (The Economist 2019)

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