Stanford on the Lille Campus

Written on 28 June 2012.

In partnership with EDHEC, Stanford University and Euratechnologies offer an intense and very high-level training programme designed not only for high-tech business leaders and founders of new technology start-ups, but also for heads of marketing & sales, innovation and IT. The course teaches participants how to monetise their innovations faster and innovate while keeping in step with the market, by using methods employed by the heads of the most prestigious companies.

 Pierre D’Huy, Professor of Innovation at EDHEC, accompanied participants throughout the training and said that “Paul Marca, Executive Director, Stanford Center for Professional Development, as well as three Stanford professors appreciated the day spent on EDHEC’s campus on 21 June, particularly for the quality of the campus environment”. The day culminated in an ‘elevator pitch’ to one of France’s largest venture capital firms, represented by François Cavalié, CEO of Xange Capital, and Nicolas Rose, Managing Partner of Xange Capital.

 The training included four sessions offered by the three prestigious institutions and gave participants the chance for daily interchange on a theme developed in depth by very high-level speakers.

 “It was an exceptional experience involving numerous high-quality speakers and which gave us the chance to exchange ideas and views with a large number of heads of innovative companies, who are passionate about creative thinking and creative design. The day spent on EDHEC’s campus on 21 June also confirmed the training programme’s dynamic aspect.” underlines Christophe Robert, Chairman and CEO of Stereograph who participated in the Stanford – Euratechnologies Innovation & Entrepreneurship programme.

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