Stéphane Gregoir, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research at the EDHEC Business School.

Written on 25 July 2013.

Stéphane Grégoir.jpg

Mr. Gregoir’s academic research focuses on macroeconomics and econometrics. A mathematician by training, he is an expert in time-series forecast methods, which use historical data and mathematical equations to estimate future outcomes in various types of markets and economies.
Because of his expertise in forecasting, Mr. Gregoir is a frequent media commentator in the areas of economic policy and reform, as well as economic forecasting. He has written for and been cited in prestigious French publications such as Les Echos and Le Monde.
The research centre that Mr. Gregoir heads up has recently published academic papers on topics such as the recalibration of excessive executive salaries, the high cost of unemployment in terms of lost labor skills, and the participation of French firms during “merger and acquisition waves.”

In addition to his scholarly activities, Mr. Gregoir is scientific director of the Observatoire des Loyers, a government body that studies the rental housing market in Paris and several other large cities in France.

He is also a member of the scientific committee of the French Revue Economique and a past member of the INSEE, the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies. During his time with the INSEE, Mr. Gregoir helped to develop an economic forecast tool that uses business surveys to identify cyclical patterns in the French economy.

He received his PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Paris IX.

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