Success Stories: EDHEC MSc in International Finance Graduates Join Société Générale

Three international students from EDHEC Business School's MSc in International Finance programme have successfully secured spots in the prestigious General Inspection programme at Société Générale (SG) in Paris, France. Alejandro Fernandez Falques from Spain, Cesare Paternostro from Italy, and Vito Del Cambio, also from Italy, share their journeys, highlighting the key elements that contributed to their success.

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28 May 2024
MSc in International Finance


Alejandro Fernandez Falques: From Aerospace Engineering to Finance


Alejandro Fernandez Falques, transitioned from a background in aerospace engineering to finance. His decision to join EDHEC was driven by a desire to break into the financial industry and a need for a programme that combined technical depth, name recognition, and a robust career centre. "With one of the best Career Centre and a recognised name, EDHEC provided the perfect combination of technical learning and career support." Alejandro explained.


He emphasised the importance of the career centre’s activities, which helped him navigate job interviews and case studies. "Having networking sessions with real professionals and alumni allowed me to see various career paths and jobs, which helped me decide on a path I believe I can enjoy." Alejandro noted. His comprehensive education at EDHEC, including courses in Corporate Finance, Advanced Valuation, and Portfolio Management, played a crucial role in preparing him for his role at Société Générale.



Cesare Paternostro: Leveraging a Diverse Background


Cesare Paternostro brought a wealth of experience from his studies in business administration and his work at Deloitte Consulting. Choosing EDHEC's MSc programme was a strategic move to specialise in finance and to achieve his goal of moving to France. "The MSc programme's diverse cohort, networking opportunities, and robust quantitative training significantly impacted my career development." Cesare shared.

His involvement in various EDHEC events, such as the London Trek and Paris career event, provided invaluable exposure to the financial industry. "I discovered the General Inspection programme through an EDHEC career event, which was probably the most impactful moment of my MSc programme." he recalled. Cesare highlighted the organisational skills he honed at EDHEC, which were essential in his preparation for the selection process at Société Générale. "The programme required me to manage multiple projects and deadlines efficiently, which was particularly useful in preparing effectively for each selection step and interview." Cesare added.


Vito Del Cambio: From Industrial Engineering to Finance


Vito Del Cambio, an industrial engineer from Italy, co-founded two startups before joining EDHEC, which fuelled his interest in finance. His decision to pursue an MSc in International Finance at EDHEC was influenced by the programme's top ranking and comprehensive curriculum. "The MSc in International Finance curriculum was exactly what I was looking for, providing a broad view and practical knowledge of finance." Vito stated.

Vito credited several elements of the MSc programme for his success, including the high applicability of courses, the career booster assessment centre, and one-on-one career centre sessions. "Being able to talk with representatives from top companies and banks worldwide during career fairs was priceless." Vito emphasised. His preparation for the role at Société Générale involved extensive organisation and time management, skills that were greatly enhanced by his studies at EDHEC. The Career Booster Assessment Centre and the coaching sessions provided by EDHEC were fundamental in securing a spot at Société Générale." Vito remarked.



The Role of EDHEC's MSc International Finance Programme in Their Success


All three graduates underscored the significant role EDHEC's MSc programme played in their achievements. The programme's strong industry connections facilitated numerous networking opportunities, allowing them to interact with professionals from Société Générale and other leading firms. "The industry connections of EDHEC allowed me to get in contact with Société Générale multiple times during different career fairs. Vito mentioned.


The Career Centre’s support, including mock interviews and personalised guidance, was instrumental in their job application processes. Alejandro noted, "EDHEC's Career Centre did offer their services to help us prepare for the interviews, especially because one of their members had actually worked at Société Générale." Cesare also highlighted the value of career events and info-sessions organised by EDHEC, which provided valuable insights and networking opportunities. "The career events greatly facilitated networking opportunities with professionals from Société Générale and other companies, allowing me to establish meaningful connections in the industry" he said.



Experiences and Challenges


Each of the graduates faced their own set of challenges during the selection process at Société Générale. Alejandro described the rigorous process: "The selection process consisted of CV screening, online tests, an assessment centre in La Défense, and a panel interview with three members of the executive committee. The group assignment and panel interview were particularly challenging, but EDHEC's preparation made me feel confident.

Cesare emphasised the importance of organisational skills: "Preparing for the position at Société Générale presented several challenges, but the most significant one was planning. Organising the preparation, including mock interviews and assessment centre, required commitment and dedication."

Vito pointed out the necessity of being adaptable: "It is a challenging process that requires training and preparation. All the candidate’s abilities are tested in different moments with different types of tests, and you must be adaptable and responsive in all situations."


The Importance of French Language Skills


All three graduates acknowledged the importance of speaking French for their roles at Société Générale, although they noted that the bank provides support to non-French speakers. Cesare mentioned, "Although proficiency in French is not a prerequisite for entering Société Générale General Inspection programme, it is required by the start of the position due to Société Générale being a French bank." Alejandro added, "I speak a basic level of French, but it wasn’t essential as Société Générale will provide French classes during the first month before starting in the position."


Future Aspirations


Looking ahead, all three graduates are excited about their roles at Société Générale and the opportunities the General Inspection programme offers. "It offers the opportunity to gain exposure and develop a comprehensive understanding of the company's global operations and I envision myself as a finance leader specialising in areas where I can make a significant impact on both the bank and society." Cesare noted. Vito added, "Being part of the General Inspection team is a fast-track within the career, and I see myself becoming a thoughtful finance leader in the banking sector." Alejandro is also enthusiastic about his future prospects, stating, "The programme provides a solid foundation for a long-term career in finance, and I am excited about the possibilities it offers."


In conclusion, Alejandro, Cesare, and Vito’s success stories exemplify how EDHEC's MSc in International Finance programme equips students with the skills, knowledge, and industry connections needed to secure prestigious positions in leading financial institutions. Their journeys highlight the programme's effectiveness in encouraging career development and achieving professional aspirations.




MSc in International Finance
28 May 2024
Success Stories: EDHEC MSc in International Finance Graduates Join Société Générale
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🌟 Success Stories: EDHEC MSc in International Finance Graduates Join Société Générale 🌟
Meet Alejandro Fernandez Falques, Cesare Paternostro, and Vito Del Cambio – three students who have turned their dreams into reality by joining Société Générale's prestigious graduate program in Paris!

Their stories highlight the transformative power of EDHEC's MSc in International Finance program. Ready to shape your future? Explore our program today and join the ranks of successful alumni making their mark in the finance world!

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