TEDxEDHEC 2022 on the Lille Campus - "What Matters"

The turn of 1984 marked the inception of TED – a stage which played witness to the amalgamation of three fields that embodied the world as mankind knew it – Technology, Entertainment and Design. It…

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25 Mar 2022

The turn of 1984 marked the inception of TED – a stage which played witness to the amalgamation of three fields that embodied the world as mankind knew it – Technology, Entertainment and Design. It is a role TED has continued to play for nearly four decades. Today, TEDx events bring together stellar and innovative thinkers and doers to share their ideas with the world, inspire them, and most importantly, Make an Impact.

TEDxEDHEC Business School believes in hosting an assemblage of thinkers, change-makers, creators, explorers, doers and visionaries to elicit real changes in our world through ideas worth spreading, for the betterment of not only ourselves but also the society as a whole. The aim is to explore the unexplored, inspire others, change perceptions, incite action and expand our horizons to bring about a positive change in the planet we lovingly call home.

Information is the preeminent power in this day and age. But where do we draw the line between information and too much information? In this outpour of information showered upon mankind today, are we losing sight of the constituents which maintain a happy today while paving way for a united and sustainable tomorrow? To address this in great lengths and more, the theme for this year’s TEDxEDHEC Business School event is 'WHAT MATTERS'. Because, “This time, from the clutter, we seek what matters”.

The much-awaited event will be held on the 1st of April, 2022 at E 312 Credit Mutuel Auditorium on the EDHEC Business School Lille Campus. The event will commence at 4:30pm and take its 100 special spectators on an intellectual and enlightening journey. The event is sure to be inspirational and exciting. From earnest journalists to seasoned professors, from innovative entrepreneurs to creative geniuses, TEDxEDHEC Business School’s eclectic collection of speakers are loaded to take each and every attendee on a spellbinding adventure.

  • Margaux Terrou is the Managing Director of the digital communication agency “French Flair Digital”. Over the years, healing and empowering women has been at the forefront of her words and actions. A strong believer in action and making things happen, She also Co-Founded HER’OES and associates. With a thirst for knowledge to match her relentless drive for meaningful and life altering actions, she continues to don the role of a student at the UNESCO Chair in Sexual Health and Human Rights and also at the Institute of Sexology.
  • Beautiful creatures cannot be confined. Her wings will grow, she’ll find the sky” These famous words describe Nesrine Slaoui the way very few words would. Growing up as a Moroccan born, French working class girl in the French countryside, she battled various odds and overcame a plethora of stereotypical and gender barriers to pursue her education at Sciences Po and later settle down in Paris. She is currently an active journalist. However, her skillset extends far beyond it. “Illégitimes” – The book she authored details her journey as an immigrant and the hurdles she had to overcome.
  • Man To Ip is an EDHEC student in MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence. Born and raised in Hong Kong before travelling to France to pursue higher education, Man To’s strength lies in his versatility and his long lists of interests. Vintage photographer, Youtuber, camera enthusiast and more – the list knows no end. With academic accolades and creativity galore, Man to is an individual with strong and meaningful thoughts. His expertise in a wide array of topics make him a speaker one can’t afford to miss.
  • TEDx EDHEC Business School’s next trailblazer speaker - Gaëtane Lemarchand. A true proponent of sustainability and a seeker of knowledge, Gaëtane embarked on a 10-month world tour of the circular economy four years ago and went on to closely work with over 100 project leaders across 10 countries. Currently, she holds the position of a Managing Consultant at Circul’R where she accompanies several large groups in their transition to a more circular business model on topics such as eco-design, the elimination of single-use plastic, industrial ecology or the economy of functionality.
  • Joining this esteemed cohort of speakers, is Remco Lenstra, EDHEC professor in Strategic foresight and design. Currently, the owner/founder of “Re-Framed” – a private Design Thinking company, he also teaches at Antwerp Management School. Remco is an expert on transformation, design thinking and innovation. He combines a critical eye with an optimistic and future-oriented mindset. He relies on his 20 years of experience in Innovation Management, Design Thinking, Service Design, Business modelling, Systemic Thinking and Transformation Thinking to give rise to a transformative future.
  • The next to join TEDxEDHEC's exuberant line-up of speakers is Oleg Melnyk. Oleg believes in the challenge of doing more with less and likes to focus on the simplicity in things. A follower of the principle of the saying “In character, In manner, In style, The excellence in all things supreme – is simplicity” , he is currently fulfilling the role of Director of Research at CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique). He is also the Co-founder of two companies, Innobiochips and XProChem. A pioneer in his field, his thoughts and teachings could be life altering.
  • What separates good content from great content is the willingness to take risks and to push the envelope. It's to tell oneself not to settle. Nicolas Rauchenwald is an inspiring self-taught creative entrepreneur based in Vienna. At age of 23, he has already partnered with global brands such as Ferrari, RedBull, Tier and more. His willingness to push the boundaries, take risks and venture into the unknown is what makes him a content creator extraordinaire. He is a film director, a content creator and the founder of his own fashion and streetwear label! With a strong and rapidly growing viewer base, Nicolas is on his way to social media stardom, if he isn’t there already.
  • And finally, TEDxEDHEC is proud to count among this year's speakers Kenza Kassabi, an International Account Strategist at Google HQ Ireland. After graduating, she moved to Bali where experienced a shift in her mindset. She found the true meaning of “purpose” and the reason WHY we do things. A creative problem solver by nature, Kenza is also an entrepreneur and founded “Happy Superfoods” in 2020 to make superfoods accessible to everyone and a part of a daily routine to improve health and performance. She also launched her online yoga studio and magazine “Yogi Now” to help unravel and tap into one’s true potential. Stay tuned to know more about Kenza!!

TEDxEDHEC Business School is proud and honoured to present such a vibrant and conscious set of speakers for this year’s event. These vanguards of personal and societal growth will soon grace EDHEC Business School with their knowledge and timely wit. An intellectual soiree in which we aim to unravel some of today’s pressing issues by separating the clutter from WHAT MATTERS.

EDHEC Business School congratulates the TEDxEDHEC student association for its hard work to organise this upcoming event and to align with EDHEC strategic plan 'Impact future generations'.

"Are you exciTED for the 5th generation of TEDxEDHEC Business School, because we sure are!"

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