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15 Oct 2019

Tina Biehler

Studying at UCLAx and experiencing the American culture for a year was an extraordinary journey! I had a wholesome year both academically and socially.

Attending business classes with professors with years of expertise in the field made a big difference! I had the chance to choose between different classes in the second quarter. I decided to take International Management and International Business Law. To have American teachers that share their experience of the American market and who are highly approachable helped me advance in my professional life. One of my professors even recommended me to one of his colleagues for an internship position. The program gives you time to tend to your hobbies and extracurricular activities.

"As a French-Norwegian student coming to study in the U.S I really wanted to meet American students and live the real American University life"

On the social part I was also very busy! By living in an international student dorm, I made friends with UCLA students coming from different backgrounds and mindsets. The fact that I was on campus helped me to have easy access to social gatherings, the library, the gym and other UCLA facilities. As a French-Norwegian student coming to study in the U.S I really wanted to meet American students and live the real American University life. I decided to join a sorority: Alpha Phi which is typical American organization. We had a lot of different social events in collaboration with other student run organizations but also a philanthropy and different networking opportunities. This enabled me to discover the American culture: Sorority recruitment, Homecoming, Big/Little Reveal, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Decoration, Date party, Parents Weekend, Formal (Prom), Red Dress Gala, Tailgate before Football Games…

After my one year of study at UCLAx I decided to have a professional experience in the U.S. I did during the summer an internship at the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles. This internship and my year in LA in general taught me that nothing is more important than networking. I will for sure use this advice my entire life!

I am very grateful that EDHEC Business School gave me the opportunity to spend one year at the number one public university in the nation. I jumped on this opportunity by pushing myself out of my comfort zone and I made the most of my year in Los Angeles. I will miss it!

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