EDHEC Global MBA: Updated curriculum offers increased personalisation and additional focus on ethical, principled leadership

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12 Oct 2021

We are excited to announce that our top-ranked Global MBA programme curriculum has been refreshed to offer you an even more personalised experience with added flexibility & choice to reflect and further support our increasingly diverse participants with very individual goals and ambitions.

The 10-month highly-personalised programme now includes an increased focus on social impact, innovation and entrepreneurial leadership with more experiential learning, an increased connection to business and a new personal & professional development programme, Lead 360.

The key updates to the programme include: 

  • 6  months of Core Strategic Foundations covering:  Strategy, Innovation & Business Management / Finance, Analytics & Risk / Personal & Organisational Leadership 
  • 1 month of elective choices in addition to the one-month specialisation track to offer you an even greater personalisation. Elective options include Strategic Foresight, Advanced Corporate Finance and Agile Thinking 
  • Sustainable Impact Challenge: a team project running throughout the programme including a sustainable learning expedition 
  • A new personal & career development programme, Lead 360 which includes elective workshops, integrative learning, individual coaching & career guidance and CareerSmart. You can also choose optional French classes (online) to develop your language skills 
  • Fast track or extended duration option to allow you to complete your in-class programme in just 8 months or extend your experience with an academic exchange and/or an internship  


Here is snapshot of the updated GMBA Programme, a truly individual, international and invaluable experience. 


To gain a truly personalised view of what your GMBA experience could look like, why not use our unique Programme Personaliser Tool

Are you ready to transform your career? 


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