Two young entrepreneurs - graduates of EDHEC - are taking part in the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit in Mexico

Written on 02 July 2012.

May 2012 – Following the third edition of the  G20  YES  (Young Entrepreneur Summit) on EDHEC’s Nice campus last year, the fourth edition  of this annual international summit for the G20’s most emblematic entrepreneurs aged 18-45 is due to take place in Mexico on 2-5 June this year, just before the G20 summit itself. Charlotte Findeling, Edhec 2003, Managing Partner of Deuz, and Emmanuel Cotsoyannis, Edhec 2003, Managing Partner of Antilopes, have been selected to take part in this year’s event along with 400 other entrepreneurs from around the world. The G20 YES seeks to table concrete proposals for submission to G20 heads of state for the ultimate purpose of placing entrepreneurs at the heart of the economic and social model in the 21st century. Five countries in difficulty have also been invited to take part in this year’s G20 YES and particularly in the forum, during which they will prepare a document to be included in the G20 YES’s final declaration addressed to G20 governments.  

 The 22 entrepreneurs due to represent France were selected by a Jury comprising recognised personalities from the entrepreneurial ecosystem and organised at the request of the Journées de l’Entrepreneur association. Charlotte Findeling and Emmanuel Cotsoyannis were chosen for the values of integrity and generosity that they promote and for the viability of their companies. The jury’s selection was designed to reflect the diversity of French entrepreneurs in terms of type of business, parity and age. Deuz, a company founded just two years ago by three young women with very different backgrounds, ticked all the boxes for the jury.

“My application reflects our outward-looking approach (we export 60% of sales and produce both in India and France), and conveys our values of environmentally-responsible production and ambition ... all of which are core subjects for entrepreneurial development at present”, analyses Charlotte Findeling Managing-Partner of Deuz. She adds that “the G20 YES provides a unique opportunity to familiarise oneself with other entrepreneurial cultures. It enables us to take stock of the existing situation and summarise the expectations of 400 entrepreneurs originating from widely-differing backgrounds. The event also serves as an energy-booster for many of us. In short, I consider it essential for the proper development of entrepreneurship worldwide”.

Emmanuel Cotsoyannis’s background provides a good example of this new generation of entrepreneurs who are “passionate about creation, have a taste for enterprise in association with others and a burning desire to expand and reach critical mass with their businesses” and also explains why he was selected for the G20 YES. Emmanuel sees his involvement in the G20 YES as a chance to “spread the passion that drives our group on and which my partners and I try to instil into our staff.”

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