A Unique Partnership with Family Business

Written on 04 July 2012.

EDHEC Business School has enjoyed a long history of collaboration with family businesses, extending back 100 years to its creation by large, family-owned companies in northern France. Many of these companies have gone on to become important global players and like them EDHEC also has also greatly internationalized its activities.

In creating its new Family Business Center, EDHEC has cemented this partnership with family business even further. The Center will provide executive education, undertake and publish research and organize events that address the specific and unique needs of family businesses.

The Center’s objective is on the one hand to support family businesses to grow through the transfer of knowledge and expertise, and on the other to raise awareness about the economic importance of family businesses. The EDHEC Family Business Center will also play an important role in heightening student awareness of the career opportunities offered by family businesses, their values and their specific management and governance methods.

The EDHEC Family Business Center has been created as a result of the generous support of families (the Mulliez Family, Mage-Invest [the Michelin Family]), family businesses and companies working closely with family businesses.

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