Universum 2021 recognises EDHEC’s commitment to a high-quality student experience

EDHEC received three Universum 2021 Student Experience Certificates of Recognition in the “Outstanding Employability”, “Outstanding Institutional Offering” and “Outstanding Culture and Environment”…

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17 Dec 2021

EDHEC received three Universum 2021 Student Experience Certificates of Recognition in the “Outstanding Employability”, “Outstanding Institutional Offering” and “Outstanding Culture and Environment” categories.

Universum is a research firm focused on the field of higher education. For over 30 years it has been working with more than 2,000 universities and student and alumni associations in over 50 countries. Universum questioned EDHEC students about their school and their professional aspirations.

Based on the results of the latest survey of EDHEC students, Universum recognised the outstanding student experience offered by EDHEC and highlighted the commitment and efforts shown on a daily basis by the various teams for the benefit of students.  

In-depth survey

The survey is based on 40 criteria of attractiveness split into different categories: academic offering, employability, reputation and lastly student culture and environment. To fulfil the conditions needed to obtain these certifications, over 1,100 students replied to the different survey categories. In each category, at least 5 criteria out of 10 had to receive over 50% of positive opinions in order to qualify for certification.

EDHEC recognised for its outstanding employability

In awarding EDHEC the 2021 Outstanding Employability Certificate, Universum recognised “EDHEC’s outstanding commitment to providing students with the best opportunities and resources to support their employability”.

The investment of EDHEC’s Careers Service in this issue is no secret. In close relation with the Corporate Relations teams, EDHEC provides students with many services designed to boost their employability and enable them to secure a job that matches their aspirations soon after obtaining their degree.

The EDHEC Career Booster is a unique programme providing customised support to students in order to help them define their career plans and prepare them to make a successful start to their career. Every year, the Careers Service organises the EDHEC Forum jobs fair, a pivotal event attended by students and corporate partners and which gives EDHEC candidates and employers the chance to meet. At EDHEC, more than one student in two finds their first job before completing their studies.

Video review of the 2020 EDHEC Forum

The EDHEC Careers Service does not stop when students walk out of the School gates, but is a guarantee for life. The unique EDHEC alumni network, comprising over 50,000 former students around the world, guarantees EDHEC students and graduates support throughout their studies and careers, through a vibrant, engaged network.

Outstanding academic offering

In awarding EDHEC the 2021 Outstanding Institutional Offering Certificate, Universum recognised “EDHEC’s exceptional commitment to providing students with high quality institutional offerings and academic resources”.

EDHEC offers outstanding programmes for all levels: EDHEC International BBA, Master, Executive Education and 100% on line programmes with EDHEC Online.

Through its many prestigious international partnerships, EDHEC offers all its students the chance to study abroad and thus obtain several outstanding complementary degrees.

The GETT programme is an example of this: during a 24-month study programme, GETT students study on EDHEC’s Paris campus, at SKK Graduate School of Business in Seoul, then at Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley, in California.

In addition to the GETT’s firmly international orientation, the outstanding quality of teaching delivered on the programme promises GETT students a unique experience leading to a high-level position.

EDHEC continually strengthens its offering of hybrid programmes. Recent additions include a programme with ESJ Lille to train information and media experts, a dual curriculum with Mines ParisTech to train students in sustainable finance and a double degree with Eurecom focusing on the internet of things.

EDHEC’s academic offering also embraces the EDHEC Entrepreneurs incubator, which offers customised support to all students and graduates working on start-up projects. As part of this, the incubator provides access to 200 co-working stations in Lille and Nice, and in Paris at Station F, the world’s largest international start-up campus.

With this second certificate, Universum highlighted three pillars fundamental to EDHEC:  excellence, skills hybridisation and an enterprising mindset. The certificate also underlines EDHEC’s desire to give its graduates all the tools they need to make a positive impact on the world of tomorrow.    

Strong culture of student associations and an outstanding environment  

In awarding EDHEC the 2021 Outstanding Culture & Environment Certificate, Universum recognised “EDHEC’s exceptional commitment to creating a desirable learning environment”.

EDHEC’s culture is notable for an extensive array of student associations and sporting and cultural activities, with over 80 associations in total. The engagement of EDHEC students in associations enables them to participate long term in projects that make a positive impact on society and are consistent with key issues set out in EDHEC’s Strategic Plan, such as diversity, inclusion and sustainable development.

Examples of associations include “Music’All” which is involved in the Journée Handi Day to raise awareness of handicap, “Cheer Up” which helps young cancer sufferers put their projects into practice and “Le Père Noël est-il un Rocker ?” which works for the benefit of children in situations of precarity.

In addition, the sports activities available add to the cohesion of the EDHEC community. They convey values like respect, solidarity and team spirit.

Presentation of the EDHEC Student Affairs service

Lastly, EDHEC offers a unique environment with 5 campuses, in Lille, Paris, Nice, London and Singapore.

Situated at the crossroads of several European capitals, the Lille campus is set in 8.5 hectares of parkland. Between sea and mountain, the Nice campus is located on the famous Promenade des Anglais. The Paris campus lies at the heart of the capital, between the Bourse and Opera districts. The London and Singapore campuses are vital antennas in the EDHEC environment.  

EDHEC is proud to receive these three Universum certificates which highlight the School’s everyday commitment to ensuring the success of its students.

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