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The campus will be exceptionally open the Sundays December 4th, 11th and 18th, from 9am to 6pm to review for exams.

The Library is located on the 1st floor, Promenade des Anglais




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393, Promenade des Anglais BP 3116 06202 Nice Cedex 3
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The Library is on the 1st floor, seashore side.

Library / Book Loan Service Monday to Friday: 8.30 am – 7 pm
Open access reading room (computer, printer) Monday to Saturday 7:30am - 10pm (same schedule as the school).

The Library is closed during the Christmas holidays. For other holidays, please check our opening hours link.

All students enrolled at EDHEC are automatically members of the Library until they have completed the viva voce for their dissertation or their thesis.
The student card is also the library card.

Address all correspondence to: EDHEC - Library 393 Promenade des Anglais - BP3116 06202 Nice Cedex 3 - France


To find a book ........................................................................

On the library website, click on the photo called “Books/Ebooks” to access the online catalogue.

To find a periodical or magazine .....................................................................

On the library website, click on the photo called “Periodicals” to access the full list of all the titles (online or paper-based) that the library subscribes to.

How to find an archive (periodicals, book) .....................................................................

Some documents are archived: to obtain a copy, please ask a member of the library staff.

To find an electronic resource ............................................

On the library website, click on the photo called “Electronic Resources” to access the full list of all the databases that the library subscribes to with the library of Lille Catholic University.


  • 8 books,
  • 4 periodicals and magazines,
  • 1 DVD, dictionary on demand.
  • From 3 days to 3 weeks for books.
  • 1 week for periodicals and magazines.
  • 7 days for DVDs and 1 day for dictionaries.

On the library online catalogue, login at the top left of the screen using your MyEDHEC credentials.
You will be able to access your reader account, extend your borrowings and view your loans history.
Make reservations online and manage your files. Consult the user guide.

Yes, online directly on your reader account through the library online catalogue, after authentication (using MyEDHEC credentials) Loan extension can be done 24 hours before the due date only If the document has not been reserved by another reader: the loan is then extended for one week.
This can be renewed under the same conditions 3 times. Consult the user guide
After 3 times online, please request book loan extension by phone 04 93 18 32 42, by email [email protected] or at the library.

Yes, you can reserve a document directly online through the library catalogue, after authentication (using MyEDHEC credentials)
Or By phone on 04 93 18 32 42
By email [email protected]
Directly at the Library, during our opening hours.

Always check the return date of the loan on the card attached to the document or online on your reader account
You will receive email notifications: a due date reminder and/or overdue alert. Please answer the message immediately.
If you do not respect loan deadlines, you may be banned from borrowing books for a period equal to the length of time that the book is overdue. Several suspensions may lead to a full ban.

Books with a yellow sticker and the latest copies of magazines and periodicals cannot be borrowed.
But, on demand in exchange of your student card, the ‘on reserve’ items can be read in the reading room.

Yes. If you have your student card, you can borrow and/or return a document at all the Libraries in the network.

Yes, the Inter-Library loan system is available under certain conditions. Ask the library staff for more information at [email protected].


Several photocopiers are available in the building and 1 photocopier in the back room at the library.

You can print out a document using one of the computers in the Library open-access room (or your own laptop), and you can collect your print-outs from any photocopiers available in the building.

Yes, you can use the available computers to work (not for streaming, games, video, etc.).

There is a WiFi terminal in the Library with instructions on how to use it.


Send your suggestion using the special form that you'll find in the Catalogue section on the Library website via this link.

Access to the Internet is free after you have logged in with your EDHEC user name and password (MyEDHEC).

You have access to all e-resources (databases, periodicals, e-books, etc.) via our portal after authentication. How to create a password.

Available to all
Library online catalogue: No password is required to consult the Nice Library online catalogue, unless you need to consult your reader account. In that case, please use MyEDHEC credentials.

Authorized users: EDHEC enrolled students, faculty, and staff members
Electronic resources are available from the library portal (LOL) of Lille catholic university and after authentication only.


You need to register and create your login, required to access databases, online periodicals and ebooks

Authorized users: current faculty, M2, MBA and PhD students
Wharton / Wrds: Create your own login directly on the platform.