Securing a Graduate Programme at PwC – Lorenzo’s journey from EDHEC to Professional Success

Meet Lorenzo Perlini, an Italian student who transitioned from EDHEC's Master in Management, Finance track, into a prestigious early career position at PwC. Learn how his educational experiences and internships paved his path to success in the finance industry.

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11 Jun 2024
Lorenzo Perlini - MiM Finance


What attracted you to choose EDHEC for your Master’s degree?

EDHEC stood out due to its strong European reputation and its practical, industry-oriented curriculum. The school combines theoretical knowledge with practical application, taught by faculty who are active industry professionals. The diverse, international student body was also a major draw, enhancing both the learning environment and networking opportunities.


How does EDHEC’s practical teaching approach compare to your previous education?

EDHEC employs a hands-on teaching style, which differ from my earlier academic experiences. For instance, a managing director from Credit Agricole taught my investment banking class, offering direct insights into the expectations of graduates in the finance sector.


Can you describe the structure and purpose of the Master in Management (MiM) Finance track?

The MiM Finance programme is designed in three stages: the first year helps you explore career directions; the second includes a practical work year to refine your preferences; and the final year focuses on specialisation; for my part, I chose the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking

The finance industry is very competitive, but at EDHEC, I think you're at the best place to optimise your chance to build the amazing career that you deserve, that all the students who put the right type of effort really get the reward.


What were the key elements of your experience in the MiM Finance programme?

The MiM Finance programme provided a balanced mix of managerial and financial training. We started with foundational courses in strategic management and macroeconomics, then progressed to more advanced topics like financial econometrics, shifting from R to Python to stay current. Electives and top-ranked career services like mock interviews and networking events also played crucial roles. A gap year with internships at the European Investment Bank and Société Générale sharpened my focus on Corporate Finance and Banking.


How did specific experiences at EDHEC prepare you for your new role at PwC?

Internships and the PwC Business Deals Cup were instrumental in my journey. The internships, secured through EDHEC's Career Centre, provided practical experience, while the competition was a significant networking opportunity that helped in paving my path to PwC.


What impact did your exchange experience at Stanford have on your career?

The Stanford exchange was a highlight, expanding my professional network and exposing me to new cultural and educational perspectives. It significantly broadened both my academic and professional horizons. This experience also allowed me to meet even more people from all around the world, some of whom have now become some of my closest friends.



In what ways did EDHEC’s academic and extracurricular offerings contribute to your professional development?

The coursework, particularly in financial econometrics and corporate finance, laid a solid foundation. Professors frequently invited industry experts to speak, enriching our understanding. Networking events and alumni interactions further expanded my professional network.


How has the EDHEC Career Centre assisted you in your career journey?

The Career Centre was essential in securing my internships and in providing personalised support that aligned my academic profile with market opportunities. They proactively connect students with industry opportunities, enhancing job prospects significantly.


What are your plans after graduating from EDHEC?

After graduation, I will join PwC’s Deals Division, focusing on M&A and Transaction Services. This position is a direct result of my active participation in school competitions and networking events.


How important is proficiency in French for your career in France?

While all programmes at EDHEC are in English, knowing French is beneficial, particularly in the French job market. However, it is not mandatory for finance positions in Paris or other international cities. EDHEC provides French language training to improve international students' employability in French-speaking contexts.




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