What career after an Executive MBA?

What career opportunities does an Executive MBA offer?


An Executive MBA (EMBA) is a programme for senior managers, executives and all (future) leaders who want to develop the skills they need to take their career to a higher level. . There are many career opportunities after an MBA and participants can even tailor the programme to their specific career ambitions. .



Why should you pursue an EMBA?


An Executive MBA is one of the best choices for working professionals to advance their career.. An EMBA is a part-time programme meaning you can remain employed and don’t have to take a career break while pursuing your studies. As a mid or senior-level executive, you may have reached a point where you feel your career is be stagnating. In your organisation, there may be a lack of internal promotion opportunities. You may also feel that you need broader skills such as strategic business management or leadership. An Executive MBA will help you develop such skills to find new career opportunities in your current company or elsewhere. During the programme, you will not only acquire advanced skills to access the highest positions in your organisation. You will also meet with an international cohort of ambitious professionals and experienced lectureres and professors, which will help your professional network grow and open up new opportunities.



What career opportunities does an EMBA offer?


The job opportunities after an EMBA are numerous and you can access various levels of responsibility, depending on your professional objectives. After the programme, you will find opportunities in all sectors, such as financial services, tech, healthcare, energy, etc. With your new vision and skills, you will be able to access a senior management position or even to join the board of directors.


C-Level Executive Roles


If your objective is to reach the highest positions in the company, the EMBA is the perfect solution, as your profile will now be a better match for roles such as :

  • CEO (Chief Executive Officer): As the highest-ranking person in your company, you will make the most strategic business decisions and you will oversee global operations.
  • CFO (Chief Financial Officer): You will manage the financial side of a company as a whole, from financial planning and keeping a healthy balance between expenses and revenues to risk management and investment decisions such as mergers and acquisitions.
  • COO (Chief Operating Officer): You will be the second in command in your company and oversee business operations. You will be in contact with department heads and supervisors in order to support your CEO’s strategy.
  • CMO (Chief Marketing Officer): Your role will be to oversee the overall marketing strategies and actions related to branding, advertising, promotion, market research, etc.
  • CTO (Chief Technology Officer): You will oversee the development of new technological solutions in your company and will be responsible for the development of new high tech products and services.
  • CIO (Chief Information Officer): As the CIO, your role will be to optimise and develop computer systems in your company by setting objectives for the IT department, implementing technical solutions that match your company’s objectives and improving customer satisfaction.
  • CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer): Your responsibility will be to develop and steer the human resources strategy of the company, including talent acquisition objectives, employee well-being and retention, inclusivity and career development plans.


Senior management


An EMBA significantly increases senior managerial opportunities for you. As you acquire more advanced knowledge and skills, your profile will stand out more when internal promotions are considered. An Executive MBA is also a strong asset if you are looking for a job in another company, for example:

  • Sales and marketing director: You will be responsible for developing a company’s marketing strategy and devise global sales strategies, optimise sales pipelines and leverage data analytics to implement solutions to maximise ROI .
  • Head of R&D: Driving innovation and the creation of new products and services in collaboration with product managers will be your mission. You will be a leader in research in your company and you will be responsible for integrating new technologies in product development.



Start your own business with an EMBA


With an Executive MBA, you will acquire the skills that you need to create your own company or startup. As an entrepreneur, you need to develop top leadership and strategic decision-making skills. The EMBA will help you develop the ability to lead teams and inspire with your vision and to make well-informed choices that fit your long-term goals. Customising your programme with relevant electives will allow you to adapt it to your business project. The experiential approach to the EMBA includes business simulations, case studies or business reports which are perfect to prepare for your new venture. Through numerous networking opportunities both at the school and during international business trips, you will make new connections with prospective future investors, business partners or suppliers..



Unlock exciting career opportunities with EDHEC Business School’s EMBA


EDHEC Business School’s Executive MBA helps you unlock exciting new career opportunities. For 16- 19 months, you will develop your executive-level skills and your business leader mindset. Through this challenging programme, you will refine your perspectives and develop new ways of thinking. The diversity of our international cohort will be an asset in improving your intercultural communication skills. Embark on a transformative journey of professional evolution with a top-ranking Executive MBA!





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