As part of a partnership between Le Monde and EDHEC Business School, the Criminal Risks Management Chair offers a new series of video documentaries, articles and a podcast in 2023/2024, with the aim of contributing to a better understanding of the major issues at stake in the criminal economy.

Far from being exotic, criminal risks are an integral part of the constraints of international management. Under the direction of Bertrand Monnet, the Criminal Risk Management Chair has set itself two main objectives, based on an ambitious research programme: to train the maximum number of participants in EDHEC's programmes and to inform the widest possible spectrum of the general public.


A first series of documentaries, entitled "Narco Business", is broadcasted from 7 November and comprises three episodes of 20 minutes each, freely available:


At the end of December, Bertrand Monnet took part in a question-and-answer session with Le Monde's readers on the behind-the-scenes aspects of this unusual investigation:


Following the publication of this investigation and the Chair's existing work, the Narcotrafic Commission (Commission d'enquête Narcotrafic), led by senators Étienne Blanc, Olivier Cadic, Marie-Arlette Carlotti and Jérôme Durain, invited Bertrand Monnet to contribute his views at a dedicated round table:


The Narco Business has raised a lot of interests from French and International press:




Episode 1 : Au cœur des laboratoires mexicains de fentanyl




Episode 2 : Du cartel mexicain de Sinaloa aux rues de New York : au cœur du business du fentanyl




Episode 3 : "Dubaï connexion, comment blanchir cinquante millions de dollars"