The Chair focuses on criminal, physical and digital risks and mitigation strategies, through data collection and analysis and field studies.



The Chair works on the three components of criminal, physical and digital risks:

  • Stakeholders: Mafias, fraudulent employees, hackers, corrupt public officials, unfair suppliers...
  • Criminal techniques: Money laundering, cyber attacks, counterfeiting, fraud, extortion, illicit trade...
  • Corporate exposure: Target, collateral victim, tool used to commit a criminal technique, risk generator.


It also develops its analyses on the two mitigation strategies of these risks:

  • Prevention: Due diligence, reporting, training of employees, development of CSR policies, strategic management of human resources, implementation of red flags in M&As, arbitration of commercial developments...
  • Protection: Insurance, auditing, implementation of risk management processes, strategic data and network protection, security, crisis management, business continuity...

Finally, it focuses on the three families of stakeholders associated with the mitigation of criminal risks:

  • Internal: CEOs, CFOs, directors, risk managers, security, compliance, HR, audit, legal, communication, purchasing departments...
  • External / private: Insurance, consultants, auditors, lawyers, trade associations, suppliers ...
  • External / public: Police, customs, intelligence agencies, regulatory authorities...




The EDHEC Criminal Risk Management Chair collects and analyses information from different sources in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, French):

- General open sources: academic publications, investigations and press articles etc.

- Ad hoc open sources: reports from institutions, consultants, associations, etc.

- Information networks.



This very complete information on criminal and terrorist risks is cross-referenced with precise, multi-year field studies of companies facing criminal and terrorist risks in different regions of the world:

  • Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, United States, Canada, Algeria, Morocco, Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria (Niger Delta), Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, China, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, France, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia.



The research involves several stakeholders: EDHEC professors, associated experts, partner companies and scientific collaborators.


EDHEC Professors:


Professor in the Department of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Organisation at EDHEC Director of the Criminal Risks Management Chair
Director of the "Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Organisation" department at EDHEC Former Dean of the EDHEC faculty