To strengthen its influence, the Chair works closely with other organisations in the framework of research partnerships, training, events and publications on family businesses, in France and internationally.



Les Echos Solutions is a website of the group Les Echos - Le Parisien dedicated to professionals who want to create, develop or manage their business. Through 9 sections (Business development, Com' & Marketing, Office & Coworking, Financing & Insurance, Legal, Accounting & Management, Team & Management, Business Trip and Tech), Les Echos Solutions deals with all topics related to entrepreneurship but also for company executives or legal professionals. Each week the editorial staff selects or writes news dedicated to companies (taxation, innovation, financing, business, etc.), conducts interviews with entrepreneurs or startup entrepreneurs and gives the floor to experts or professionals for feedback from the field. To complete the editorial system, numerous practical information sheets are available to help you learn how to create your company, become a manager or define the appropriate tax regime for your status, as well as practical tools such as a crypto-currency rate tracker or a fiat currency converter.



The METI (Mouvement des Entreprises de Taille Intermédiaire) is an association of French companies representing SMEs and family businesses. They work to raise the profile of mid-sized companies, advocate for a competitive ecosystem, aligned with the European economic and fiscal environment and promote long-term investment, the strength of mid-sized companies that combine economic dynamism and human values.



The Louvre Endowment Fund is an initiative dedicated to the long-term financing of the Musée du Louvre's core missions, individuals and companies can make a lasting contribution to the museum's future and thus help pass on an exceptional heritage to future generations.



Created in 1981 and made up of family businesses that are two hundred years old, the association Les Hénokiens unites its members around common values attached to the concept of family business. Today, Les Hénokiens has 47 members, both French and international.



Trusted Family is a social network for wealthy families. These are often families that have been active for several generations and are therefore well established, but are still shareholders in various companies. Trusted Family aims to bring them together on a single platform.



The Family Firm Institute (FFI) is an international professional organisation whose aim is to provide interdisciplinary training and networking opportunities for its member family businesses, family wealth advisors, consultants, trainers and researchers, and to increase public awareness of trends and developments in the field of family business and family wealth.



FondFounded in 1990 in Lausanne, Switzerland, FBN International has become the world's leading network for family businesses and promotes the success and sustainability of family businesses. FBN has 3,200 member companies in 50 different countries. EDHEC is proud to be associated with two of its regional branches: FBN Asia and FBN France.



GUBERNA is the Belgian Institute of Directors which aims to inform, educate and promote good governance in all its dimensions and for all sectors of activity. To achieve this ambition, GUBERNA and its members (company directors, CEOs and top managers) constitute a dynamic platform for the exchange of experiences and the transfer of knowledge in the field of governance.



Droit & Patrimoine offers a transversal and expert treatment of asset law while focusing on the current events of the various players in this sector:


  • Inter-professional news seen from the perspective of the players in the field of wealth management advice
  • An in-depth file treated in a multidisciplinary manner
  • Practical studies, set-ups and consultations
  • The latest case law and legislation deciphered by the best experts