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24.09.2023 - Chapter publication

Empirical Findings on Business Families in Germany

Springer, Wiesbaden, Germany, September 2023

20.06.2023 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

The Family Effect: A Compass for Research on Heterogeneity of Family Businesses in Embedded Contexts

Entrepreneurship Research Journal, Volume 13, June 2023, Pages 533 - 548

09.06.2023 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

How to Build Upon the Legacy of Your Family Business — and Make It Your Own

Harvard Business Review, June 2023, Pages 1 - 8

07.03.2023 - EDHEC publication

3 questions to Fabian Bernhard on gender and family businesses

EDHEC Family Business, EDHEC VOX, March 2023

31.01.2023 - Chapter publication

Introducing “Top Governance Teams”: Towards an Extension of the Family Business Cluster Model

USA, January 2023