Largest academic study on future preparedness of organizations

What is Future FITness?


  • Future FITness is the capability to anticipate and assess drivers of change, understand systemic effects and foresee consequences to take a proactive posture towards change. ​
  • It is measured by comparing the need and maturity of an organization's strategic foresight capabilities.
  • It leverages this forward awareness to accelerate system-level change, develop a wider set of opportunities and drive desirable futures for you, your organization, and the planet.

About the Study

The study is the largest academic study on the future preparedness of organizations covering both public and private organizations.

It includes

Academic Partners

Benchmarked Organisations

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Why participate in the study?

Organisational Foresight

The Global Future FITness study gives insight into how your organisation is performing foresight.

Benchmarking against other Organisations

The Global Future FITness study provides insight into how you are doing foresight in comparison with other organisations.

Improving Foresight

The Global Future FITness study provides insight into how to improve your foresight.

Evolution of Foresight

The study provides insights into how foresight at your organisation has evolved throughout the years.

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Project Team

Director of EDHEC FIT Chair and Professor
Project Manager
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Project Associate

Our Academic Partners

Timeline of the study


Onboarding academic partners

21st Oct - 31st Dec 2022


Training academic partners

Feb 2023


Launch of Global Future FITness study

March 2023


End of data collection

July 2023


Webinar series for participants

July 2023


Series of local workshops with companies

Q3-Q4 2023


Authoring joint paper

July - Oct 2023


Clearing period for individual partner paper projects

Sep - Dec 2023