Camille Pradies

Associate Professor

Diversity & Inclusion Chair Research Associate

Main contributions

Academy of Management Journal (2023), Journal of Management Inquiry (2021), Organization Studies (2019 ; 2021 ; 2023), Organization Science (2014)

Discipline: Management
Faculty: Management & Humanities
Expertise: Organizational Paradoxes, Leadership


Camille Pradies, Ph.D, is Associate Professor of Management at EDHEC Business School. She earned her Ph.D. in organizational behavior at Boston College. Using paradox theory, identity theories and/or institutional theory, Camille is interested in how individuals, groups and members of professions deal cognitively and emotionally with macro-level contradictions stemming from their organization (e.g. hybrid identity organizations, change initiatives) and/or their environment (e.g., new or competing institutional demands). Her research topics include hybrid identity organizations (e.g. veterinary clinics, family firms), professions and professional identities, ambivalence in groups. Her research has been published in Organization Science, Organization Studies and in Academy of Management Proceedings. Camille teaches leadership, organizational behavior and paradoxical thinking. She has taught graduates and undergraduates at EDHEC Business School and Boston College. Camille has also taught executive how to manage interpersonal dynamics, high performing teams, and personal as well as strategic paradoxes. She is also part of the editorial team of a blog on paradoxes and tensions (

Publications of Camille Pradies

03.02.2023 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Sailing through the storm: Improvising paradox navigation during a pandemic

Patrick Lê, Camille Pradies

Management Learning, Volume 54, February 2023, Pages 56 - 76

14.12.2022 - EDHEC publication

Accepter ses paradoxes

Camille Pradies

EDHEC Open-Leadership Chair for Diversity & Inclusion, EDHEC VOX, December 2022

28.06.2022 - EDHEC publication

Voir des paradoxes partout… et apprendre à les gérer !

Camille Pradies

EDHEC Open-Leadership Chair for Diversity & Inclusion, EDHEC VOX, June 2022

03.08.2021 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

From vicious to virtuous paradox dynamics: The social-symbolic work of supporting actors

Camille Pradies, Tunarosa Andrea, Lewis Marianne, Courtois Julie

Organization Studies, Volume 42, August 2021, Pages 1241 - 1262

06.02.2021 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

A Paradox Approach to Organizational Tensions during the Pandemic Crisis

Camille Pradies, Carmine Simone, Andriopoulos Constantine, Gotsi Manto, Hartel Charmine, Krzeminska Anna, Raza Hassan, Raza-Ullah Tatbeeq, Schrage Stephanie, Sharma Garima, Slawinski Natalie, Stadler Lea, Tunarosa Andrea, Winther-Hansen Casper, Josh Keller

Journal of Management Inquiry, Volume 30, April 2021, Pages 138 - 153

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Embracing our inner paradox

  • Camille Pradies , Associate Professor