The Future of Work

17.11.2022 - Think differently
Satisfied employees also make investors happy
  • Hamid Boustanifar , Associate Professor
  • Young Dae Kang , Chief Vice Chairman, Bank of Korea Labor Union - PhD in finance, EDHEC Business School
26.10.2022 - Ways to take action
Is the French International Internship program (V.I.E) a springboard to employment for young graduates?
  • Geneviève Houriet Segard , EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre Adjunct Director
  • Manuelle Malot , EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre Director

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15.12.2021 - Explore & master
EDHEC VOX PODCAST: EPISODE #7: The Corporate Social Networks
  • Mohamed Hédi Charki , Associate Professor
22.10.2020 - Explore & master
Millennials and self-employment in recessionary times
  • Maria Figueroa Armijos , Associate Professor
19.10.2020 - Ways to take action
8 top tips for responsible leaders
  • Gianfranco Gianfrate , Professor
26.03.2020 - Ways to take action
How do businesses can transform uncertainty into opportunity?
  • Rene Rohrbeck , Professor, Foresight, Innovation and Transformation Chair Director