The International Students Office offers a broad range of accommodations to newcomers and will be happy to assist you with your accommodation search!

We have partnerships with student residences, private landlords and real estate agencies.
You can choose to live alone, with friends or you may prefer the homestay should you want to deeper discover the French lifestyle.



It is highly recommended to secure an accommodation before reaching your campus. Below are listed the different steps of the booking process. Feel free to contact the ISO Team once your enrollment is complete.



Offers will be available on the EDHEC accommodation's platform (for first-time in France international students only) shared in April. 




Check the options below, make sure your landlord/real estate agency accepts one of them:

    Both are usually accepted by landlords. Before paying the service, mention you come through EDHEC. A comparison chart is also available here.
  • VISALE: Is a free service for students between 18 and 30 years old.
    Please click here to access the step by step.



Avoid scams. Beware of ads that seem too good to be true. 



Make sure to organise your check-in appointment with your landlord/residence manager
as soon as you know your arrival date and time.



Mandatory to enter your accommodation. 





Inspect your flat, take pictures and
report any damages you notice.



If electricity is not included in your rent, make sure to open an account in your name on arrival. 



In this section, vocabulary and recommendations are provided to help you go through the booking process.

EDHEC partnered with private landlords and residences.
Different offers are listed on the platform. ISO will provide assistance to every student all along the year, no matter on which website you booked your accommodation.
The link to access the platform will be sent to EDHEC new comers from April.

When renting an accommodation in France you are usually required to provide a French guarantor. The guarantor is a person required to pay the rent on your behalf if you do not pay it yourself. Most of the offers available on the EDHEC platform does not require a guarantor.
However, if you need one, take a look at Smartgarant and Garantme websites, mentionned earlier. A comparison chart is also available here.


Before moving in, a deposit is to be paid to the landlord/residence by bank transfer. It is equivalent to one- or 2-months' rent. This deposit is cashed by the landlord/residence but remains unused until you check out. When you move out, if the landlord/manager notices any damages you may have caused in the flat, he will use your deposit to pay the repairs.

If no damages, your deposit will be reimbursed within two months.

To avoid scams:

  • Beware of ads that seem too good to be true
  • Never send cash money through Western Union or any other "cash transfer" company If you have any doubts,

We strongly recommend you contact us before paying anything. We will contact the landlord and make sure it is a trustworthy offer.

The home insurance is mandatory to rent an accommodation, it covers any damages such as flood and fire.
The home insurance certificate must be given to the landlord/residence before moving in or the day you check-in.
Without this certificate, the landlord/residence can refuse to give the keys.
Make sure it includes the civil liability insurance as it will protect you in the event of material, immaterial or bodily damage caused to a third party.

This insurance can be taken out online through a French private insurance company. For suggestions, please contact us.

Check-in inventory

The day you enter your flat, you will go through a check-in inventory with the landlord/residence manager.
During this appointment:

  • Check the state of the flat
  • Report damages of any kind
  • Take pictures

If you miss to report some damages during the check-in, you have 7 days to notify the landlord/residence (written report is advised).

NOTE: In student residences, no check-in inventory can be done during weekends. Make sure to contact your residence manager to get your keys on arrival.

Check-out inventory

During the check-out inventory the landlord/residence manager will review every aspect of the flat.
Check-in and check-out inventories will be compared: ​

  • If they match, you get your deposit back within 2 months
  • If not, repairs will be paid with your deposit, only if it is your responsibility

In France, you can terminate your rental agreement at any time as long as you respect a one month departure notice.
You must inform the landlord or the residence by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt (“lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception” in French). The notice period starts from the day the letter is received.

NOTE: Some exceptions apply. Information available on your rental agreement.

Most of the utility charges are included in the rent and based on an estimation. If you overuse heater, electricity or water, the landlord can ask you to pay some additional fees at the end of your contract. The amount can also be taken out of your deposit.

NOTE: If you rent a studio, electricity is usually an additional cost. You will have to open your own account by contacting an electricity provider.



In France, rights & duties apply to every tenant.

Students renting an accommodation in France might be eligible for the housing benefits provided by CAF.

The process is long: the first payment is usually received 3 months after completing the application and sending the required documents.


  • You cannot apply if you book a room through AIRBNB.
  • You cannot start the application before being in France.
  • Non-european students must have a French bank account to finalize the online application.
  • The amount is based on several criterias such as your income, the rent, the housing conditions & location. Only CAF knows how to calculate it.

The waste disposal tax is set up and collected by the city. It varies from one city to another and has to be paid once a year, at the end of the year. The amount is calculated prorata to the duration of your stay.