The programmes that encourage getting started.



Does entrepreneurship arouse your curiosity? Does this world intrigue you? Do you have ideas but you don't really know where to start?


You've come to the right place. Raising awareness and encouraging people to get started: such is our goal with our Sensibilisation programmes. 



The “Open Offices”


Our innovation to interact with you and offer guidance


The idea? Open slots for face-to-face discussions with members of the EDHEC Entrepreneurs' team. From asking advice on which program is right for you, to discussing an idea, to talking about an entrepreneurial issue... Whatever the topic, we'll be happy to meet with you (in video or in person).


Who is it for? The Open Offices welcome all EDHEC students who have questions.

open offices entrepreneurship

How to register? 

You can very easily book a session with a member of our team, directly in their calendar. 




Programme From Scratch

Our “From Scratch” programme


To get started in the best way.


The idea? For 8 days, we will send you a daily newsletter to demystify the world of entrepreneurship. What are the right reasons to start a business, what makes a successful and responsible entrepreneur, what are the mistakes to avoid... We share a wealth of information to help you understand what goes on behind the scenes of an entrepreneur's life. 


For whom? Open to anyone who is curious about and attracted to entrepreneurship. There are no prerequisites.


How to register? Here again, it's very straightforward, register by filling out this form. Then you're done! We will send you the first email very soon.




start now entrepreneuriat

Our "Start Now" event series


They will inspire you and give you plenty of ideas.


The idea? A series of awareness-raising events to discover, get inspired and exchange ideas. On the agenda: workshops, exclusive content, conferences and valuable encounters to explore what constitutes today's and tomorrow's entrepreneurship. 

Our latest workshop? An evening around pitching with the participation of Maxime Durand, the BioDemain co-founder who won the "Qui veut être mon associé" TV show on M6.


Who is it for? This program is open to all curious people from EDHEC and elsewhere.


How to register? 
To make sure you don't miss anything, fill out this form. We will keep you informed by e-mail of upcoming events.







You are curious, you want to meet the team, discover the co-working spaces and connect with our startups?




Our news



02.12.2022 - EDHEC
Watch the video of the 10th anniversary of the EDHEC Family Business Chair
On October 13, 2022, the chair dedicated to Family Business headed by Rania Labaki, associate professor at EDHEC, celebrated its 10th anniversary on the Jean Arnault campus. Here is a video review of this day rich in exchanges, presentations and convivial moments.

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02.12.2022 - EDHEC BBA
Handicap management at EDHEC: guaranteeing an optimal student experience
Some 160 students at EDHEC received support related to their handicap during the 2021-2022 academic year. This figure has more than doubled over the last two years (from just 70 students in 2019-2020), thanks to the reinforcement of EDHEC’s handicap policy and the deployment of sizeable technical and human resources. In short, the whole School mobilises to provide dedicated measures and facilities to people with disabilities (from enrolment through to graduation) and thus guarantee them a seamless student experience.   

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