Thoughts on the Future of Investment Management

After several decades of relative inertia, a true industrial revolution is currently under way in investment management, leading to the emergence of welfare-improving forms of investment solutions. Profound changes are currently taking place on two main fronts, mainly mass production with the rise of factor investing and mass customization with the rise of goal-based investing. In parallel, the investment industry is strongly impacted by two other major external revolutions, namely the digital revolution and the environmental revolution. In this talk, we will review these key changes, and we will argue that we should see them as a unique opportunity for investment management to add value for society at large. We will also provide a brief introduction to EDHEC-Risk Institute activities and discuss how they relate to these new trends impacting the investment management industry.

Speaker: Lionel MARTELLINI, Director of EDHEC-Risk Institute and Professor of Finance

This talk will focus on

  • Industrial Revolution in Investment Management
  • Mass Production - (Smart) Factor Investing
  • Mass Customization - (Retirement) Goal-Based Investing
  • Making Finance Useful Again

By invitation only