Managing this kind of risk requires in-depth knowledge of the criminals and terrorists who threaten business organisations and the techniques that they use, in order to develop well-adapted risk management solutions.

Bertrand Monnet, Director, EDHEC Criminal risks Management Chair



The Chair seeks to understand the risks entailed by criminal organisations and to find responses for preventing and managing these risks. The solutions depend on the type of criminal actors faced by the company concerned.


The Criminal Risks Management Chair is funded by groups including Sanofi and Rio Tinto.

The Chair conducts on-the-ground case studies, which sometimes involve meeting the perpetrators of illicit acts. The missions undertaken are varied and encompass counterfeiting problems, opening of sites in regions of the world where guerrilla movements operate, signatures of partnerships in countries where organised crime syndicates control a part of the legal economy, etc.

The Chair’s researchers also operate with associations of corporate chief security officers (ISMA and CDSE) and with Europol. The case studies are then re-transcribed into courses and tuition, and for conferences, academic papers and various media (press, radio, TV).