Discover 5 Reasons Why a Global MBA is a good Choice for Entrepreneurs

EDHEC’s Global MBA programme helps you to develop a solid business plan for the venture of your dreams

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6 Apr 2023

If you are looking to start your own business in the future, having a firm grasp of business fundamentals and a 360 degree vision of all the aspects of creating, managing and leading a successful company are key – and a Global MBA will give you the solid foundations you need.


But creating a business is about much more than developing a plan, it’s also about innovation, adaptability, vision and of course, entrepreneurship. So you will need a programme which goes further and gives you a strategic vision combined with a deep dive into the start-up ecosystem and the opportunity to develop your concept as well as your leadership skills.


So how can EDHEC’s Global MBA programme help you to develop your business plan and help set it in motion?

Top 5 Reasons a Global MBA is a Good Choice for Entrepreneurs


1. Specialisation Track in Entrepreneurship


A key benefit of the 10-month Global MBA programme is the specialisation track. Your first 7 months are dedicated to developing a 360 degree vision of business alongside your leadership, communication and team work skills. Then you begin your personalised Global MBA journey.


In April you can choose one of 4 specialised tracks, one of which is Entrepreneurship. This allows you to explore business ideas and concepts in depth and create a business plan & pitch. It also includes a learning expedition to San Francisco where you will learn more about the world-famous innovation ecosystem. The track includes:

  • Innovating New Products and Services
  • Building a Scalable Business
  • Marketing and Financing New Ventures
  • Learning expedition

Discover the MBA Entrepreneurship Track

2. See Entrepreneurship in Action


Both budding and established entrepreneurs from the EDHEC Global MBA are stimulated by well thought-through learning expeditions. Past destinations include Silicon Valley where students explored the ecosystem involved in launching new ventures from start-ups to incubators, legal counsel to VC investors. Read about Renato’s experience in the heart of entrepreneurship. 

2023 cohort went to Europe's most innovative start-up City: Berlin. "Berlin was a particularly great city based on its history. After the war, the city attracted a lot of diverse individuals including artists who started to innovate when rebuilding the city. This invited many start-ups into its open culture. This openness and diversity make finding unique talent easier, and because the city is so well known, it invites funding. The city is filled with accelerators and VC funds which make it an ideal learning ground for an entrepreneurship track like ours.” said Howard Lee


3. Dedicate your MBA Project to Developing Your Business Plan Supported by Strategic and Entrepreneurial Experts


Once you have completed your specialisation track, in May and June you focus on your tailored Global MBA project. There are numerous options to choose from and one is a Business Plan. This means you can put your newly acquired skills and knowledge into practice, develop your idea into a plan and test its economic feasibility. As well as the support of a dedicated member of faculty, EDHEC’s Incubator in Nice will also support you. Discover more on the Tailored MBA Project.


4. An Opportunity to Represent EDHEC in the Plug and Play VC Education Programme


EDHEC is proud to be part of the Plug and Play University Programme.

Each year a select group of students can participate in this incredible opportunity to gain a unique insight into venture capital and the start-up ecosystem, remotely connecting with like-minded students from leading schools across the world. Find out what it was like to be part of the Plug and Play VC Education Programme in our #mymbastory with Carole Chomat.


5. An Extraordinary Experience with an Outstanding ROI


The Global MBA programme at EDHEC is 10 months long, meaning you can develop the leadership and business skills you need to put your new concept into action in less than a year. The intense, hands-on format of our programme is why we are consistently ranked as one of the top schools in the world for value and new opportunities. You can also choose to extend your Global MBA experience by completing a 6-month internship which can give you valuable experience in an industry, function or start-up before you head out on your own.

Are you ready to transform your career?  


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