Alumna Spotlight: Discover how a master in data science at EDHEC facilitated my career growth

In 2020, Chen Li enrolled in the EDHEC Master of Management – Business Management Track. In her second year, she opted for the MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, concurrently serving as a Tableau campus ambassador, delivering Tableau software instruction to fellow students. Currently interning at a French advertising technology company, her role revolves around data analysis, and here, she shares insights into her professional journey. 

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7 Dec 2023
Chen Li - Master in Management  - MSc Data Analytics & AI


Did the EDHEC Master in Management - Business Management programme contribute to your qualification for this role?


The EDHEC Master in Management - Business Management programme and the Master in Data Science significantly aided in securing this position in two key ways:

Firstly, the revised course curriculum allowed for the practical application of acquired knowledge in the workplace. Traditionally, schools focused less on SQL, emphasizing Python for statistical model analysis. However, recognizing the essential nature of SQL for a data analyst, this year's courses incorporated SQL learning content. Topics such as web analysis with Google Cloud Platform's BigQuery and incorporating SQL into Python for crawlers were covered. In the MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, a course named Enterprise Data Management involved using query statements to analyze a French fashion brand's data on Snowflake—relevant to my frequent use of Snowflake in my current role. The comprehensive knowledge imparted by these courses equips graduates for positions in data-related fields.

Secondly, the school actively facilitates participation in various data competitions. Collaborations with entities like the United Nations, Tableau, and Mazars result in events such as the annual European Data Visualization Challenge. Engaging in such competitions, I learned Tableau from scratch and achieved second place. Subsequently, serving as a campus ambassador, I taught fellow students how to use Tableau, becoming proficient without additional on-the-job learning time and gaining ease of tool usage.


Could you provide a brief overview of your company and your role?


I am presently interning at a French AdTech company, focusing primarily on data analytics

The company specializes in OpenRTB, which involves real-time bidding for advertising. My primary task involves utilizing dashboards and early warning system calculations to assist traffic owners in maximizing advertising auction revenue. 

This sector demands a comprehensive understanding of diverse advertising indicators and technical expertise.


How did you come across your current position?


I discovered the opportunity through my LinkedIn network. 

A friend, who had participated in a data visualization competition, forwarded a job posting. I reached out to her, connected with a senior student at the company, and gleaned insights about the position, preparing adequately for the interview with her guidance.


Any advice for Chinese alumni seeking internships?


Define your future direction clearly.

If returning to your home country is your goal, consider interning with an internationally renowned company or one with a Chinese presence. This approach not only provides valuable experience but also enhances your employability in the future.

For those opting to stay in France, focus on building continuous experience. Pursuing ongoing internships within a specific field—whether aligned with job roles or the company's business scope— increases your chances of securing a position in France.



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