Alumna Spotlight: Unveiling the richness of the MSc in Marketing Analytics

Miléna Delrocq graduated in 2022 from EDHEC's BBA programme and, in 2023, she graduated as Valedictorian from the MSc in Marketing AnalyticsWinner of the Ubisoft Challenge and the Microsoft Hackathon, she shares her journey, acquired skills, and insights into the MSc in Marketing Analytics. 

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2 Jan 2024
Miléna Delrocq - MSc Marketing analytics - microsoft challenge


What inspired you to pursue a MSc in Marketing Analytics following your bachelor's degree?


During my final year of BBA and my specialization in Marketing Intelligence and Innovation, I realized I had a real appetite for data analytics. This led me to recognize the need to deepen my knowledge and build up expertise in this field. The MSc in Marketing Analytics stood out as the ideal choice, as it combines both the analytical and managerial dimensions of marketing. I'm convinced that the leaders of tomorrow are those who will be able to make the connection between both.



UBISOFT challenge winner! Can you share some insights and the skills you gained from it. 


We were asked by Ubisoft to answer an issue around User Generated Content within the video games industry. As a team, we had a few weeks to immerse ourselves in this world and compile a comprehensive written report containing our analyses and managerial recommendations for Ubisoft on the problem at hand. Each team presented its project to representatives from Ubisoft. 

I believe this challenge provided an opportunity for each team member to excel. Personally, I greatly valued the support of our teachers, who were always available to advise and guide us. The oral presentation to the Ubisoft's representatives was also a highlight, we were proud to present our findings to them. Most importantly, this project enabled me to develop my skills in the areas of data collection and the development of statistical models.


Winner team of the Microsoft Hackathon. Can you share some insights and the skills you gained from it. 


As a team, we had 2 days to answer the question "How to best implement Microsoft 365 CRM solution". Our objective was to make a compelling pitch for Microsoft Dynamics, aimed at convincing our audience to embrace this CRM software for their business. It was a very intense challenge that required very good time management, as in just a little over 24 hours, we had to familiarize ourselves with the platform and its features, sift through a multitude of information to identify the most pertinent details, and ultimately prepare a presentation and a concise pitch. 

I particularly appreciated this "learning by doing" approach, as I was able to learn to master this software distinct from the traditional approach of receiving theoretical lectures. It also gave me the opportunity to improve my oratory skills and my ability to pitch. Finally, receiving a Microsoft Dynamics certification brings real added value, as it proves the skills we have acquired and can make the difference in a recruitment process.



Learning expedition to HEC Montreal. Can you share the purpose of the learning expedition. What did you gain from it?


The aim of this learning expedition was to immerse ourselves in the creative economy. Through field visits and classes at HEC Montréal, we discovered projects balancing innovation, social impact and economic development, led by different players and how they fit into the local ecosystem. I gained a deep understanding of the creative industries at the intersection of entertainment, art, culture and technology. I'm very grateful to have discovered this city, its culture, its people, its gastronomy. And above all, I met students from different MSc who are now very close friends.



The MSc in Marketing Analytics is an 18-month programme. Any advice for students thinking about applying? 


Obviously, being comfortable with numbers is an asset. However, in my perspective, the most important is to be open-minded, curious, adaptable and above all having the ability to think critically. Data is dynamic, technologies and tools evolve, consumer behaviour and market trends too. You need to be eager to learn continuously and pay attention to details. The MSc in Marketing Analytics often involves solving complex problems and critical thinking skills help you draw meaningful insights. Collaborative aptitude is equally essential as you'll be engaged in a lot of team works and challenge along the year.



Can you share the overall skills and knowledge acquired after having completed the MSc in Marketing Analytics?


I appreciate the richness of the MSc in Marketing Analytics, which teaches us not only how to collect data, but also how to sort, analyse, interpret, predict, and present it. This involves courses in statistics, data processing using software tools (Python, SPSS) consumer psychology, data visualization and digital marketing, to only cite a few. This programme pushes us to excel and question ourselves, encourages us to delve beyond what we might observe or deduce at first glance. I felt challenged throughout the year and I know full well that this problem-solving spirit I developed with this programme will be a valuable skill. 



Your secured an internship at Estée Lauder. How do the skills and knowledge gained during the MSc in Marketing Analytics benefit you?


I got the job of assistant E-commerce manager for the Estée Lauder brand. With my manager, we manage the French brandsite. It's a dynamic job that requires you to be versatile, responsive, and aware of the market and your competitors. I'm involved in developing the brand's strategy at national level, which is why an analytical mind is essential. You need to be able to question yourself and constantly find new best practices, but also being able to identify pain points. This is done by interpreting consumer behaviour, for example.

The lectures I had during the MSc in Marketing Analytics, especially those related to digital marketing, CRM and GDPR enabled me to acquire solid skills ahead of this internship and to approach it more serenely. Now I'm able to build on what I learned at EDHEC and develop additional skills, including mastery of tools like Google Analytics.


What would you tell your younger self?


I'd like to tell her that undoubtedly, there will be challenging moments to overcome, but beyond them lie achievements, a profound sense of pride and moments of joy that make all the effort worthwhile. I'd also like to tell her not to be afraid to step out of her comfort zone, because that's how we learn and that's how we achieve our greatest successes. Believing in yourself and your abilities is the key. You can accomplish great things if you give yourself the means to do so.


3 words to describe your EDHEC experience: 

Unique, memorable, challenging.


Miléna Delrocq - MSc Marketing Analytics - Ubisoft




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