Arne de Keyser wins 2 awards for his research paper "Understanding and managing the customer experience"

Written on 08 July 2016.



Arne De Keyser, PhD and professor of marketing at EDHEC Business School was awarded the AMA Servsig Dissertation Award  for his research paper "Understanding and managing the customer experience".

In this paper, Arne De Keyser, Katherine Lemon, Philipp Klaus, and Timothy Keiningham develop an integrative, yet parsimonious framework that captures the complexity of CX and builds upon interdisciplinary insights stemming from marketing, philosophy, psychology, and sociology.

Employing a three-step analytical procedure, they suggest the following definition: “Customer experience is comprised of the cognitive, emotional, physical, sensorial, and social elements that mark the customer’s direct or indirect interaction with a (set of) market actor(s).” They also describe the fundamental embeddedness of CX within a multi-layered system that continuously and dynamically impacts the way customers experience their interactions with firms. 

Arne de Keyser explains: "the overall topic of the dissertation relates to ‘Customer Experience Management’ and seeks to provide managerial guidance in this greenfield area of marketing. Many firms are involved in this, yet most fail to be successful and find that it is relatively tough to develop successful practices."

This prize is granted by the American Marketing Association to acknowledge the best doctoral research in service marketing/management. The prize was announced at the Servsig-conference which took place from June 17-19 at the University of Maastricht.

Arne de Keyser and his co-authors also received the 2015 best paper award for the Journal of Service Management at the Frontiers in Service Conference which took place in Bergen on June 23-26. This conference covered a wide variety of relevant and interesting service topics, including service science, service IT, service marketing, service operations, and service management.

[More: Download the Dissertation Summary [PDF - 347 Ko]]




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