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Broadening her career perspectives with the MiM Global Economic Transformation & Technology

Xinyi Tian had already some international experience when she joined the MiM Global Economic Transformation & Technology. She just arrived in South Korea to study at SKK Graduate School of Business at Sungkyunkwan University for a semester and shares her first months within the three-year program.

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3 Feb 2022



What is your background prior to EDHEC?

I graduated from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE) and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) with a double bachelor’s degree in Management of Logistics.

Why did you choose EDHEC and its MIM Global Economic Transformation & Technology?

The application for the EDHEC GETT program is a firm decision I made after comprehensive consideration. The GETT program’s curriculum stood out among other French business schools for three reasons. Firstly, the school has not only a good academic reputation and high rank over the world but also excellent professors and a solid alumni network present across all industries and sectors. Numerous leaders working in business were educated at EDHEC, and I expect to get educated and inspired in the same academic environment as they did. Secondly, the curriculum of this program attracted me the most because of its practical and internationalised course setting. The program involves plenty of financial, economic, and technological skills, which I regard as important for a business student and a future employee or entrepreneur. I hoped to be a marketer before I joined GETT. And in my opinion, a good marketer should not only be a creative person and a good communicator but also be a person fully equipped with good finance, data processing, and analytic skills. And I am eager to master such skills in the postgraduate stage. Thirdly, the GETT program shows great open-mindedness to its students and encourages students to explore different academic and career directions. The program provides the students with different electives under different cultural circumstances, which enables students to pick whatever they are interested in to learn. EDHEC offers an opportunity to not only study in three continents but also deliver a chance to work overseas. I am always curious about how cultural differences could affect managerial behavior and decision-making. Thus, I could engage in a real-life industry that assists me to transfer the knowledge from books to practical cases, have better industry insight, and acquire skills and knowledge for career advancement. I'm sure that studying the GETT program will equip me with a solid academic foundation and will bring me into contact with interesting people in a diverse and international environment.


How has been your journey at EDHEC so far? 

Actually, this was my first time traveling to France, and also the first time to Europe. The culture barrier, the language barrier, and all the other numerous barriers I met were all challenges to me, but I’m happy that I have learned how to manage them well and I think I have succeeded. I have got my first French phone number, opened my first French bank account, rented my first apartment in the centre of Paris... I have done all these by myself, from which I was so happy to see that I was gaining so much independence.

I have also met lovely friends, classmates, and teachers, which made me feel that I was really lucky. Traveling inside and outside France during weekends and holidays was also exciting.

The first classes at EDHEC were also impressive. The professors were caring and passionate. They were happy to answer our questions at any time. What I like the most was that we have group works for every course, which was a good way for us to know more about each other and learn to cooperate. Actually, in the GETT program, our schedule was quite intense in the first semester. Apart from main courses, there were also events such as career day, Korean culture museum visit, etc. Together with all my classmates, I have had lots of memories in Paris I think all of us have done a good job.


What are your aspirations for the coming steps?

I really looking forward to beginning my new life in Seoul for one semester and studying at UC Berkeley in the final year, and also taking the one-year professional immersion year to uncover all the possibilities for my future career. I am looking forward to everything that the GETT program will bring to me.


What are your job aspirations?

As I already mentioned, I thought I would join the marketing industry after graduation. However, after one semester at EDHEC, I realised that my interest has broadened! I started thinking of other possibilities in my future career. The gap year between M1 and M2, which will offer me the opportunity to work in different industries through my internships, will enable me to finetune my career choices. I plan to do one internship in finance and another in marketing.


Do you have any advice for future EDHEC students choosing the GETT program?

Be independent! Since you will travel to three different continents all by yourself, you need to be prepared.

Take good use of all the resources you could get from this master’s program. You will have such an international experience and huge alumni networking, make sure you use them well.


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