Campus life: an EDHEC student wins the European DataViz Challenge 2022

Qiaolong Lin joined EDHEC’s Master in Management-Business Management in 2019. He is the DataViz Challenge 2022 winner. He shares his EDHEC experience. ABOUT THE CHALLENGE You are the European DataViz…

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28 Jun 2022

Qiaolong Lin joined EDHEC’s Master in Management-Business Management in 2019. He is the DataViz Challenge 2022 winner. He shares his EDHEC experience.  




You are the European DataViz Challenge 2022 winner. What was the challenge about? How was it organised?

Jointly organised by Mazars, Unicef, Tableau and EDHEC Business School, the European Student DataViz Challenge is a competition designed to put theory into practice with the data, using Tableau software and open data provided by Unicef. The idea is to support Unicef’s missions. Students who wish to participate in the competition have to use any data from Unicef, analyse their findings and visualize them. After participants submit their work, the jury selects the top 10 entries. The students pitch their projects in the finals.


How did you get involved in the competition? Which topic did you choose? Why this particular topic?

It started from the 1st semester of my MSc program (MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence) with our professor of the data visualization with Tableau. He told us all about this DataViz Challenge and encouraged us to participate. I thought: why not give a shot at it? I chose the topic related to child malnutrition because I was astonished by the data. Furthermore, the existing datasets are sufficient to analyse the current situation and the future.


Were you surprised to win the challenge? What are the perks of winning the challenge?

To be honest, I sometimes daydreamt that I could win the challenge, but I kept reminding myself to focus on the work, enjoy the moment of preparation and do the best I could.

Winning the challenge would get you the opportunity to work for Unicef as a data visualization intern, meet an expert from Mazars to help prepare your future job applications and interviews, etc.

Normally, we would submit our viz works on Tableau Public, a platform where we can view each other’s work, learn from each other and improve our own works.




You joined EDHEC’s Master in Management-Business Management in 2019. What are the main highlights of your studies?

One of the key highlights is that I met many important classmates and professors here and I had much fun being with them at EDHEC.

Thanks to the numerous courses, assignments, and different challenges, I feel well-prepared and confident to make an impact in the future.


What aspects of the MiM program have you enjoyed the most so far?

I would say the continuous academic and professional events provided for us to explore your interests, the continuous support from Career Center, ISO, and professors at school, and a flexible schedule for us to explore and develop our skills.


Your favorite class? And professor? 

I have 3 favorite classes from my Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence program:

  • Data visualization with Tableau taught by Yvan Fornes – It’s the starting point of my data visualization journey and I had so much fun!
  • Customer Relationship Management taught by Professor Arne De Keyser – Everything is taught up-to-date and in an attractive way to find valuable customers.
  • Customer Analytics taught by Professor Cédric Verbeeck – Based on what we learnt from strategic CRM, we have to continue our learning in an analytical way. The Pokémon GO case was challenging, and interesting, and deserved to spend time on that.


You chose the MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence for your Master 2. What are the main takeaways of this final year?

After the final year, I leveled up from a coding newbie to a connoisseur, from a data visualization newbie to a connoisseur, etc. I finally found my interest in Data Visualization and realised what I want to do in the future.


What has been the greatest opportunity you have had at EDHEC?

I would say this DataViz challenge is a very important one for me, as I learnt, won, and benefited a lot from it.

Another important one I should never forget is the people I met here. I built up close friendships with many classmates and professors at EDHEC, which I would cherish in my lifetime.


What are your career aspirations?

After this DataViz Challenge 2022, I would continue my data visualization journey and go for the field related to that. I wish to keep carving and create more works inspiring and interesting.


If you were to meet students who are willing to come and study in France and at EDHEC, what would you tell them?

Studying at EDHEC is a great choice. It can provide you with enough resources to develop yourself. Meanwhile, cherish your time at school, and cherish your fellow students, professors, and others who supported you.


Your EDHEC experience in three words.

Exploration, persistence, self-realization.


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