Co-financed scholarship: a strong incentive to be the best

Srivatsav Perubotla has joined EDHEC MiM-Finance after a few years of work experience in India, his home country. He hopes to gain the necessary skills to enhance his career prospects. He was awarded…
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16 Nov 2021

Srivatsav Perubotla has joined EDHEC MiM-Finance after a few years of work experience in India, his home country. He hopes to gain the necessary skills to enhance his career prospects. He was awarded the Co-financed scholarship to pursue his dreams and career goals.

What is your background prior to EDHEC?

Before joining EDHEC, I was employed with KPMG. I worked on several engagements for diverse clients on Finance Transformation issues. My role mainly involved the diagnosis of pain points of various financial processes of the client company and finding solutions to optimise them. The solutions mostly consisted in identifying and designing the appropriate technologies to enhance the process efficiency significantly.

Prior to KPMG, I worked for EY as an analyst in the Enterprise Management Performance (EPM) team. As part of the team, my role predominantly involved the design and configuration of Business Intelligence tools to enhance the Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting process for the client company.

You have three years of work experience in consulting firms. Why did you decide to go back to school?  What do you hope to achieve by joining a Master’s in Management, Finance?

During my time at KPMG, I observed a significant knowledge gap between me and the senior team members who had formal training in management subjects such as Corporate Finance, Financial Analysis, and Financial Accounting as part of their education. They have a holistic way of approaching clients’ problem statements—a skill that I lacked. Hence, I felt that a Masters’ in Management program was the next logical step for me, as it would provide me with sufficient knowledge and wisdom to provide an all-embracing consultation for clients.

How did you learn about the Co-financed scholarship?

The EDHEC Admissions team recommended upon evaluating my profile so that I could apply for the Co-financed scholarship. It doubled downed on my determination to pursue a masters’ at EDHEC.

How was the process of applying for the scholarship?

All in all, the process was quite simple. Based on my profile, academic background, and career objectives, I was nominated for the Co-financed scholarship amongst many. Further ahead, an interview was conducted where I was asked about my academic background, various roles I played during my tenure in EY and KPMG, and finally, how EDHEC could aid in achieving my career goals.

How long did you wait for the results and how did you find out that you had succeeded?

From the date of the interview, it took less than a week to know the results. I was notified by the Country Manager of EDHEC by email.

How does it feel to be chosen among thousands of candidates?

It is a huge shot in the arm for me. Aside from a token of appreciation, it is a strong incentive for me to perform better and continue to strive in life. I am truly elated for having been selected for the Co-Financed Scholarship amongst several candidates.

Would you have been able to attend EDHEC without this scholarship?

Definitely! Regardless of the scholarship, I would have sought admission to EDHEC. Having said that, I believe that a financially unburdened mind would ease my participation in the events and activities conducted at the university. So, being awarded a scholarship is just the icing on the cake for me.

Do you have some tips to share with students willing to try and get the co-financed scholarship?

I advise candidates that they outline their academic background, professional experience, and career objectives elaborately so that they paint a clear picture of their overall profile to the selection committee. Besides, I urge all the candidates to coherently elucidate how EDHEC can contribute to their professional growth and in the same manner, how they plan to contribute to EDHEC endeavors.   


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