Data and regulation: learning to implement ethical marketing

Written on 24 February 2022.

Gianclaudio Malgieri is an Associate Professor of Law and Technology and a researcher at EDHEC Augmented Law Institute. He will be teaching students following the MSc in Marketing Analytics.  


Which class will you teach?

Consumer Protection in Digital Markets.


What can you tell us about your field of expertise?

My expertise is in law and technology, including the regulation of the Internet and AI, data protection, and privacy.


Why is it important for Marketing Analytics students to understand data regulation issues?

Data is the most important asset for businesses working in marketing and analytics - data protection is thus one of their most important challenges. Some of today’s most important geopolitical and technological concerns are currently in data regulation. Developing an understanding of what this entails is important for ensuring compliance with legal imperatives; it is also important not only for anticipating key issues but also for adopting a smart approach to data processing and consumer management.


Which are the key concepts they will need to learn about to be efficient, yet ethical marketers?

Respecting data is vital for enhancing both data quality and consumer trust. Marketing should always be as transparent as possible to avoid exploiting individual vulnerabilities. Also, all AI used should be explained to customers, i.e. what the logic behind the algorithm is and what the implications of its use are.


What is a ‘must-read’ on data regulation?  

It depends on what the desired perspective is. I would suggest starting from the classic novel ‘1984’ by Orwell (or even BlackMirror on Netflix). A good learning summary might also be the FRA handbook on data protection. Apart from these, I recently wrote a paper for the Journal of Consumer Marketing explaining how marketing and data protection can be allies and not just enemies which could be helpful.


What do you expect them to master upon completion of your course?

I expect students to master how to address the main tension between business interests and legal compliance challenges, especially those concerning the field of regulation of social platforms, customer data, online advertising, and AI.


How important is data regulation for their future career in marketing analytics?

Possessing competencies in data regulation and consumer protection is becoming a real added value for professionals. The capability to be ‘ethical-by-design’ is not only encouraged by law, but many big companies and start-ups are also really looking for business experts having hybrid profiles with legal and ethical knowledge. This is not just for tomorrow’s professionals – it is also for professionals in activity today.


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