Developing a strong foundation in the luxury market thanks to the Inside LVMH certification

Serafina, Yangyang Xu joined EDHEC’s Master in Management-Business Management in 2019. The Master 2 student seized the opportunity offered by EDHEC Business School and LVMH to complete the Inside…
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17 Dec 2021

Serafina, Yangyang Xu joined EDHEC’s Master in Management-Business Management in 2019. The Master 2 student seized the opportunity offered by EDHEC Business School and LVMH to complete the Inside LVMH certificate, a unique and personalised learning path. Students have the opportunity to learn about the key fundamentals of the luxury industry and the LVMH ecosystem, as professors, as well as experts from the LVMH Group, share their experience and knowledge. The 4 modules presented over 8 weeks helped Serafina develop an in-depth knowledge of the 4 topics: LVMH and the Luxury Industry, Luxury and Sustainability, Creation and Branding and Retail and Customer Experience, helping her develop a strong foundation of the luxury market, its functioning and to understand various opportunities and challenges in the sector. An opportunity for Serafina to boost her profile.


About the certificate

You have successfully completed the Inside LVMH certificate. What can you tell us about this opportunity offered by the EDHEC Career Centre?

This certification provided 4 modules for 8 weeks, including LVMH & the luxury industry, luxury & sustainability, creation & branding, and retail & customer experience. They invited many professors from top business schools, LVMH current employees, and influential people in this industry to bring us insights, show the trend and explain current operations.

Every module ends with a quiz to test what we have learnt. We can obtain this certification only by reaching a 70% correction rate in the final quiz.


Did you already have some knowledge about the field of luxury?

Yes, but this certification course helped me to dive deeper.

In which areas did you develop your knowledge?

The post-pandemic trend, analysis of Chinese global consumer attitude and sustainability.


Are there facts that surprised you?

Yes, some facts such as NFT, I didn't realise it could have such a huge impact in the luxury industry.


Why did you decide to seize this opportunity?

First of all, LVMH is the leading company in this luxury, so this certification should bring us many inspirations.

Secondly, the design of the course is really interesting and it can help me to better prepare for my career path.

Thirdly, it is much more than just a certification. It is a platform where you can know details about this industry and LVMH. Also, we can subscribe to job opportunities!


About you

You are in the final year of the EDHEC Master in Management-Business Management and chose the MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence for your Master 2. What are your job aspirations?

After graduation, I plan to work in digital marketing. According to Statista, global retail e-commerce sales grew by more than 25 percent since this pandemic crisis. Digital marketing still has huge potential to develop and discover. That is why I chose Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence for my Master 2. As we know, data and analytics are the keys to digital marketing.


What aspects of the MiM program do you enjoy the most?

The gap year. Because during my professional immersion year, I did two internships in Paris. This experience helps me to crave my career path and make me clarify what I need to improve in my M2 study.


What has been the greatest opportunity you have had at EDHEC?

The Alumni network. During my internship research, I tried to send some cold messages to EDHEC alumni. They were so welcome and professional. I did learn some interview tips and got some interview opportunities from them. I hope I could help other alumni in the future.


Your EDHEC experience in 3 words.

Practical. Delight. Passion.


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