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Discover the 5th issue of our EDHEC Vox newsletter

In this new issue of the #EDHECVox newsletter, our professors draw on the variety of their research work to shed light on some of the major challenges facing society today and to propose solutions to help shape a desirable future.

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14 Mar 2024
Découvrez le 5e numéro de notre newsletter EDHEC Vox

EDHEC Vox, our knowledge-sharing platform, aims to contribute to public debate, encourage critical thinking and develop innovation within companies.


These articles and interviews - supplemented by the EDHEC Vox magazine - are part of an active dissemination policy of the knowledge produced in a wide range of fields: sustainable finance, digital, entrepreneurship, ethics, leadership, law, management, marketing, strategy, etc.


The 5th issue of the #EDHECVox newsletter has just been published, highlighting the latest work by our professors on the major challenges facing contemporary society and the solutions they propose to help shape a desirable future.


Discover this new issue :


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Interested by the previous issues? NL#1"Greener, chattier, more connected… How do companies address "new" customers?", NL#2 "Circular economy: Why are we wasting time?", NL#3 "Climate and Finance: is it now, or right now?" and NL#4 "Without a collective approach, can we (really) combat our individual vulnerabilities?"

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