EDHEC Business School announces the signature of a partnership agreement with the Nice campus of the 42 school. The two schools aim to devise common study tracks that leverage the complementary…

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24 Sep 2021

EDHEC Business School announces the signature of a partnership agreement with the Nice campus of the 42 school. The two schools aim to devise common study tracks that leverage the complementary nature of the training they provide: a cutting-edge digital curriculum for 42 Nice, combined with outstanding multi-disciplinary management training from EDHEC Business School.

The partnership responds to a core element of EDHEC’s Impact Future Generations 2025 strategic plan which places the hybridisation of knowledge and the acquisition of digital skills at the centre of training for the young. This vision fits with 42’s peer-learning approach, which allows students to acquire great intellectual agility by working on new topics, as well as to forge a mindset that fosters openness, co-construction and “learning how to learn”, and to produce new ideas that transcend established codes.

Uniting tech and BUSINESS cultures

The new track will cater for students on EDHEC’s BSc in Business Management Online, delivered by EDHEC’s 100%-digital degree platform created in 2018, and for students studying on the 42 Nice curriculum.

EDHEC Online and 42 Nice teams will share their expertise to develop common projects focused on societal and contemporary topics and which use a mix of webinars, conferences and master classes. By way of illustration, a first workshop on the topic of inclusion and diversity at the service of technological innovation took place in May this year, during which students and the general public were invited to consider key questions in the field of tech.

On the teaching front, synergies between the two schools will be harnessed for the co-design of programmes and e-learning modules, and lead to double EDHEC-42 Nice certification. With a cross-fertilisation objective, EDHEC professors and researchers will dispense management and leadership classes to 42 Nice students, while EDHEC BSc in Business Management Online students will take part in a week-long Piscine Discovery immersion session based on the Piscine 42 model used by 42 to introduce students to the fundamentals of coding and familiarise them with the IT world.

Knowledge of coding and learning how to code are vital skills, just as much as the ability to understand business and marketing issues. They enable our students to maximise the success of their entrepreneurial projects at all the various stages: idea, prototype, development testing & commercialisation

explains Rachid Abarki, President of 42 Nice.


A key aspect of the partnership will be the encouragement also given to entrepreneurship via a wide variety of dedicated initiatives. Mixed EDHEC-42 Nice working groups will work on joint business start-up projects, while reaping the benefit of support and assistance provided by EDHEC Entrepreneurs teams. Similarly, students of the two schools will have the chance to take part in joint consulting assignments in the IT and business fields.

Rolling out innovative teaching approaches while investing in the knowledge and skills of the future is a key priority for EDHEC and forms the rationale for our partnership with 42 Nice. The creation of dual tracks combining digital skills and academic excellence responds to the powerful objective of equipping our future graduates with transversal know-how in synch with the demands of a constantly-transforming world

underlines Benoît Arnaud, Director of Programmes, EDHEC Business School.


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