EDHEC Finance Club: A hotbed of finance enthusiasts

Written on 25 March 2019.

The EDHEC Student Finance Club creates opportunities for all Financial Economics and MBA students to bolster their knowledge and make connections in the professional sphere. Founded in 2017 by Henrich Ricar, then a Master in Management (MiM), Financial Economics and MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking student, the club now boasts 80 members.

The Club’s activities go well beyond its conferences, talks, and finance dinners. Members are split into five working groups aimed at nurturing their financial interests and developing their professional skills: Global Newsroom, CFA Preparation, Virtual Portfolio Management, Publishing, and the Case Studies and Assessment Centre.

Kopal Airen, president of the Finance Club and MSc in Finance student, believes the club is an excellent opportunity for EDHEC students to grow both personally and professionally. “We know the importance of student voices and opinions, so we have a diligent group of authors writing articles,” she says.

The Club is certainly a hive of industry. Members publish a weekly newsletter to keep EDHEC students au fait with the latest news in the world of finance. The Case Studies group has taken part in a number of competitions, while the Assessment Centre has been helping students to train for interviews and recruitment tests. Members have also organised seminars to give students insights into private equity and wealth management, as well as training sessions on mergers and acquisitions.

The activities don’t stop there. “As a very new organisation, it was necessary to have the perfect team, generate a buzz about the club and curate activities that students would enjoy,” Kopal says. “One of the club’s major milestones has been the creation of an online platform for virtual trading, so students can create portfolios to simulate real-life experience.

We really value this student-led initiative and are very pleased to see the many successful activities led since its creation!“ says Laurent Deville, Director of the Financial Economics track.

A key goal of the Club is to build and strengthen partnerships and collaboration with the business world to provide two-way networking and recruiting opportunities. As founder Henrich Ricar says, the Club must “keep the collaboration and learning momentum high and connect with potential employers”.

To this end, the EDHEC Student Finance Club is keen to link up with banks and industry representatives ready to share insights and tips on their recruitment processes with members. Willing volunteers are invited to contact the EDHEC Student Finance Club at:


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