EDHEC MiM Opening Ceremony 2017-2018

EDHEC marks the beginning of the upcoming academic year through a special event: the Opening Ceremony.

Written on 05 October 2017.

Last 29 September EDHEC held the Opening Ceremony 2017-2018 for the Master in Management (MiM) programme. Hosted in the Lille campus, the Ceremony started in the afternoon and was followed by a network cocktail. Michelle SISTO, EDHEC Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, welcomed all the MiM students, friends, parents, Corporate Partners, EDHEC staff and professors under the Marquee.

At EDHEC, fall means renewal, the starting point of an amazing year full of new experiences, a lot of work and also a lot of learning.

Michelle introduced Martin BARBIER, Director of the EDHEC Alumni Network.

You are already part of a powerful community: the EDHEC Alumni. Get in touch, use all the resources and please do not dare to ask! Prepare your career since now and remember: the more you give, the more you get!

A unique moment to share and inspire EDHEC future graduates.

Afterwards, students took the floor: first through Ali Zenjari’s voice, pre-master exchange student from Bocconi University who currently follows the MSc Strategy, Consulting & Digital Transformation programme. Ali shared his moving experience and highlighted the richness of different perspectives at EDHEC. Secondly, it was the turn of EDHEC Student Associations:

Experience is at the heart of EDHEC Business School. An experience full of values: solidarity, resilience, transmission. All of them are represented at the student associations.

Emmanuel METAIS, Dean of EDHEC Business School, reflected about the past and the future meaningfully:

From 40 to 8000 students, EDHEC has known an incredible development in a short lapse of time. Still, tradition in constructive human behaviors nourishes our entrepreneurial spirit. Your Generation wants to change the world and good news is this world is waiting for you to act, since it is collapsing.

Fortune favors prepared minds. Be ready to embrace the change!

Olivier OGER, Honorary Dean of EDHEC Business School, introduced Laurent Freixe, EDHEC 1985 and Executive VP and CEO Americas at Nestlé.

Laurent gave an inspirational talk about the role of social responsibility and education in the millennial’s career choices. His talk “When Hercules meets Buddha” contained a key message: be strong and be mindful to be a leader in challenging times.

Remind what this day represents all the year round, and you will make the best of your EDHEC Experience.

Ceremony was followed by a cocktail where attendees mingled and discussed until late.  

Some pictures from the EDHEC MiM Opening Ceremony 2017/2018

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