Monday 19 June 2017, the Financial Times, has placed EDHEC #1 in the world for its Master in Finance programme. EDHEC achieving the #1 position indicates its constant growth gaining seven places in 3…
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31 Aug 2017


Monday 19 June 2017, the Financial Times, has placed EDHEC #1 in the world for its Master in Finance programme.  EDHEC achieving the #1 position indicates its constant growth gaining seven places in 3 years.  EDHEC ranked #8 in 2015 FT rankings, then #4 in 2016 and now #1, which ascertains its excellence in finance.

This top-ranking underscores the excellence of EDHEC’s portfolio of programmes and especially the Master of Science in Financial Markets, commended through this ranking. The dimensions analysed by the Financial Times, particularly via a questionnaire sent to graduates, coincides with the pillars of the programme ‘international reach’ & ‘multicultural environment’ & ‘unrivalled experience’. (“Alumni Career Progress”, “School Diversity” & “International Experience and Reach” in the FT’s terms).

Indeed, International is at the forefront of EDHEC’s mission and translates at a programme level. 80% of our FE students find a job with an international dimension and over 1/2 student found their first job outside of their home country. EDHEC also delivers a hands-on approach to study: one is placed in real-life business situation which helps build the foundations for a sound future career path.

This success is a result of high-impact strategy initiated several years ago by the School and which has entailed a disruptive policy in the international research field, executed in close proximity to businesses.

“We are very proud to see EDHEC internationally recognised as the world’s top business school for finance. Our original “EDHEC for Business” growth model, founded on academic excellence and close ties with businesses, has proved popular with the market for years, and our graduates are now among the most highly sought-after by financial institutions operating in the world’s leading financial centres”, explains Olivier Oger, Dean of EDHEC Business School.

Since Professor Noël Amenc’s creation of the EDHEC Risk Institute (ERI) in 2001, the School has become an academic reference within the financial industry. This centre of applied research focused on asset management is without equivalent worldwide and has spawned 2 new entities since its inception. The first, EDHEC Infra, is supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and has become the leading research team dedicated to infrastructure-project financing and risk assessment. The second, ERI Scientific Beta, based in London, Singapore, Nice, Paris, Boston, and Tokyo, is now one of the world’s leading designers and producers of indices offering alternatives to traditional market indices. These 3 entities generate combined annual research revenues in excess of €15 million. They stem from the use of EDHEC’s research models and products by world-leading financial institutions such as Amundi, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Nomura and SG. The Scientific Beta indices are used to manage over €15 billion of assets by the world’s largest pension funds and sovereign funds. By promoting and exploiting its research in this way, EDHEC has a positive impact on the largest employers – who are also EDHEC’s clients – and helps create a preference on their part for EDHEC graduates.

Recognised worldwide as a noticeable rankings of business schools, the Financial Times 2017 rankings approach to rank EDHEC is based on several factors including:

  • International mobility rank – #1 in international mobility with 93 nationalities on campus
  • International course experience rank  - #2 international course exposure. 80% of our Financial Economics students find a job with an international dimension
  • Company internships - #1
  • International boards - #2
  • Employed at three months - 55% of EDHEC’s graduates find a job before finishing their studies

The result confirms the progress made by EDHEC in all global rankings: the School has gained 11 places in the FT ranking of European Business Schools, it Master in Management moves up 3 positions and ranks 4th in France.


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