"EDHEC’s top-notch education in Finance is a good investment in my future"

High achiever, Angelina Shepeleva joined EDHEC MiM – Finance in 2021. She was awarded the French Government Scholarship. What is your background prior to EDHEC? Which program did you join? Why EDHEC…
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25 Nov 2021

High achiever, Angelina Shepeleva joined EDHEC MiM – Finance in 2021. She was awarded the French Government Scholarship. 

What is your background prior to EDHEC? Which program did you join? Why EDHEC and France?

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Moscow State Institute of International Relations. I graduated with academic honors. I had a 3.9 GPA. While studying at EDHEC, I’m pursuing a Master in Corporate Law from Saratov State Legal Academy remotely. I studied French and came to France for an exchange with Sciences Po Lille. It’s during a sport event involving several universities that I first got to know EDHEC Business School. I was really impressed by the campus. What’s more, I love the French language and culture.

I joined EDHEC because it offers the best master’s degree in Finance and Business in the world and EDHEC Career Centre is among the best also. I chose EDHEC MiM-Finance because I have always been interested in Economics and in Finance. While studying in Moscow, I took part in some events provided by our Business club. So it's not really a shift, it's a challenge! But I like challenges and enjoy learning something new!

How did you learn about the French Government Scholarship?

I have learnt about the French Government Scholarship during a webinar hosted by EDHEC country manager in Russia. I decided to apply for it in January.

How was the process of applying for the scholarship?

It’s actually quite simple. The details for the application are provided on the website. EDHEC country manager gave me advice on applying, based on former EDHEC awardees. I provided my university transcripts, letters of recommendation from Moscow State Institute of International Relations and Science Po Lille, a letter of motivation, and my IELTS and DAF scores.

I was really happy to have been selected. I was also awarded the EDHEC Excellence Scholarship.   

Would you have been able to attend EDHEC without this scholarship?

Even without a scholarship, I would have joined EDHEC, because I really think EDHEC’s top-notch education in Finance is a good investment in my future.

Do you have some tips to share with students willing to try and get the BGF scholarship?

If you speak French, I would advise you to write your letter of motivation in French. Take your time to issue the best letter and choose carefully the professors for the letters of recommendation, because it’s an important part of your application.

How is your EDHEC experience so far?

I am extremely happy and proud to study at EDHEC Business School. EDHEC exceeded all my expectations. I highly appreciate the educational system at EDHEC. All the courses are relevant and are taught at an advanced level. Right from the start, we had to work hard in order to get good grades. I passed my first two exams in the second week of my studies. Everything that I am studying is highly suited to my future career plans.

What is more, the infrastructure is great. All the classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies available and some of them have an incredible view of the airport. 

What I appreciate the most is the fact that here I am surrounded by the best of the best students in finance who are very motivated to absorb new knowledge and to boost their careers. I am very proud not just to be a part of this community but also, to have a chance to represent it as I was elected as a group’s representative.

As for student life, there is a multitude of student associations at EDHEC. Personally, I am proud to be a part of WinFin (Women in Finance) Association where my team and I are doing our best to promote equality in the finance world. For example, on October 21st, we held a Q&A session with women who managed to get Spring Internships in the largest investment banks such as JP Morgan, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and others like Bulge Brackets. It was a great opportunity for students to meet and talk with former Spring interns, to learn about their experience, and to find out how to boost their chances to get the desired internship.



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