Eiffel Scholarship: a prestigious financial support

What is your background prior to EDHEC? I'm a computer science engineer. I hold a Bachelor’s at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. I have done some internships in tech as well as in a…
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27 Oct 2020

What is your background prior to EDHEC?

I'm a computer science engineer. I hold a Bachelor’s at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. I have done some internships in tech as well as in a Financial department. After graduation, I joined my family business.

How did you learn about the Eiffel scholarship?

Through Campus France website and EDHEC’s International Admissions Team.

How was the process of applying for the scholarship?

It was pretty smooth. As soon as I got in, the International Admissions team told me I was eligible to apply to the Eiffel scholarship or get the EDHEC Excellence Scholarship. Universities apply on behalf of us for the Eiffel Scholarship. Students have to send the necessary documents to their particular institute.

How long did you wait for the results and how did you find out that you had succeeded?

I applied at the beginning of January and I got my results in the last week of April. The results were delayed by a month. I received an email from Campus France. Recipients' names were also published on their website.

How does it feel to be chosen among thousands of candidates?

To be honest, it felt pretty honorable because it's the top-notch scholarship of the French government. Thus has it’s own benefits. It is a great recognition of my academic achievements and it shows that the France government is genuinely interested in your success. Whatever projects I led during my study in engineering, I always gave my best. I think my projects made a good impact on my profile. Some of my major projects include App Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval, Voice and Gesture controlled Home Automation, and EDA On Cricket data and prediction using Machine Learning.

What kind of benefits?

The Eiffel scholarship consist of a monthly allowance of €1,181 (a maintenance allowance of €1,031 and a monthly stipend of €150) for 24 months. In addition, the program covers various benefits including a round-trip international ticket, Health insurance, and cultural activities (Weekend trips, Short stays of 3 to 4 days, Shows and performances to give you a glimpse of French cultural life)

Why did you choose EDHEC Business School’s Master in Management?

The school has recognition all over the world. It has a great Alumni network. And also, for the diversity it offers. I also chose EDHEC for the whole programme structure, like the professional immersion year between M1 and M2. It is just amazing. I'm getting theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge.

What are the main takeaways so far?

Even in this current pandemic situation, I'm pretty impressed by how EDHEC has managed things. It is the first college in France which has opened its academic year, managing the classes and everything. It's pretty nice. For example, the remote learning experience they are offering through Collaborate. I like the way the school plans things like you have to study before getting into the class so that you can have a bit of an idea what will be there in the class and how professor discusses is pretty nice. The classes are very interactive because the students are knowledgeable.  I also have one or two on-campus classes a week (limited due to sanitary reasons).

What student association did you join?

I recently got selected by EDHEC Consulting Club. I'll be in the Communication and Creation Department. The department is in charge of advertising the events and basically in charge of communication inside and outside of the club.

You are a class representative. Tell us about it.

I got elected by intense voting! There is a total of 8 CR for the entire M1 and I'm one of them. Our job is to make student's life easy by helping them on our level and if needed taking their problems to the management team of EDHEC. We have direct conversation with the management and our duty is to give feedback on courses and bringing out the problems students under me might be facing. It feels amazing as I got the opportunity to represent my class and talk about the things which sometimes students can’t express by themselves and it feels good to help my fellow mates.







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