Exploring Three Continents: Leonardo Biglia's Global Master in Management - GETT Adventure

One year into the Global Master in Management – GETT programme, Leonardo Biglia is already quite fond of the global exposure it provides. He shares his journey, perspectives, and insights into the programme.

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19 Dec 2023
Leonardo Biglia - Global master in management - GETT


What is your background prior to coming to EDHEC?

I am Italian, but I was born and grew up in Switzerland. I did my high school in Lugano and obtained my bachelor’s degree from the University of St Gallen.


What led you to opt for the Global Master in Management – GETT programme?

The decisive factor in my choice of the Global Master in Management – GETT programme was its worldwide exposure along the chance to graduate with two master’s degrees from EDHEC and SKK GSB, and a diploma from Berkeley Haas.



How would you describe your experience in the Global Master in Management – GETT programme?

Amazing! The Global Master in Management gives you an exposure to different places in the world, which is key in nowadays society. In addition, EDHEC’s Alumni Network and Career Centre are extremely useful.

I am delighted with my choice to pursue the Global Master in Management – GETT programme. Choosing this path has been incredibly fulfilling and I have no regrets. Among my enriching experiences, my time in Korea stands out the most memorable so far.



What makes the Global Master in Management - GETT so unique?

The uniqueness of the GETT programme lies in the combination of global exposure, a cohesive cohort, and the ultimate achievement of two master’s degrees and a diploma upon completing the programme.



Can you share with us your first year into the Global Master in Management – GETT programme in Paris and in Seoul.

Overall, my experience has been highly positive. Beyond the academic learning, what I truly value are the opportunities that the Global Master in Management - GETT programme and EDHEC open beyond the classroom - travelling, discovering new cultures, meeting influential businesspeople, good networking, good career progression, etc.



How is adapting to living in three countries in three years? 

It is fascinating, and I think very positive to put in your resume, especially if you also manage to have a working experience in those countries. 



How did EDHEC help you get settle in France and then in Korea? 

EDHEC has been especially helpful, guiding through all the necessary steps for a smooth settlement in both France and Korea. Specifically for Korea, EDHEC efficiently facilitated the visa process.



Can you share some events organised by the Global Master in Management - GETT programme. How did you benefit from them?

1) The Career Centre organised an event with tutors. I met a good tutor that helped me in my private life.
2) They organised an event inviting people working in several fields (VC, consulting etc.). This has been very helpful for me to understand what jobs to avoid and to give a chance to.
3) Several companies visits have been organised. I never had experienced visiting a company before; therefore, it has been really interesting. 


Where do you plan to complete your professional immersion during the gap year? 

I am almost done with my first internship in Paris at AlphaValue as an Equity Analyst. I am planning to go to Korea for my second one.



Your ultimate career goal?

I would like to enter the venture capital industry. Later in the future I would like to own my own company.



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