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Financial Times Master in Management 2023 rankings: EDHEC has moved up one place to 11th in the world

The Financial Times has just published its 2023 global Masters in Management rankings. EDHEC has moved up one place to 11th in the world. In July, Sigem named EDHEC the fourth-best French business school, noting the attractiveness of the school’s preparatory classes. The Financial Times has also ranked EDHEC the fourth-best French Grande École for the third year running. 

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11 Sep 2023

In the 2023 Financial Times Masters in Management standings, EDHEC ranks as the top French business school based on the career service and alumni network criteria. The British newspaper highlights the excellence of the services offered to EDHEC students. These two criteria, evaluated by alumni, value “the effectiveness of the career service and the alumni network for students in terms of career opportunities, business creation, recruitment, and career events”. The overall alumni satisfaction indicator was also excellent, with EDHEC once again ranking first in France.

EDHEC No.3 in France on ESG

For this edition, the Financial Times introduced a new criterion: teaching on environmental, social and governance (ESG) and net zero issues. This measure is based on the proportion of teaching hours dedicated to mandatory courses on ethics, social and environmental issues, and climate solutions to enable organisations to achieve net zero emissions. EDHEC ranks third in France, underscoring its long-standing commitment to environmental and societal issues. EDHEC has followed the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) since 2015 and incorporates the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into its strategy and initiatives. It is also a signatory of the Grenoble Agreement produced by the student COP2 in 2021. Lastly, in 2022, EDHEC had its carbon footprint measured for the first time, with a view to reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and raising awareness among its students and employees. The same year, the school launched the Sustainable Campus Challenge to raise student awareness of ecological issues and co-create virtuous environmental solutions.

New features of the Master in Management in 2024

EDHEC, attuned to student expectations, is launching a new course as part of its Master in Management programme. Available from the start of the 2024 academic year, the Data Science & AI for Business track aims to prepare students with an appetite for quantitative issues for strategic positions that require cutting-edge skills in data analysis and artificial intelligence. 
What’s more, to meet major contemporary challenges and prepare its students for international careers that will have a positive impact, from the start of the 2024 academic year, EDHEC will offer students the opportunity to undertake Global Impact Projects ‒ four- to six-month field experiences abroad as part of a year of professional immersion or the second year of their master’s programme. Master’s students will be actively involved in development projects with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or groups working in the areas of environment and solidarity. At the end of this unique and transformative experience, they will receive an EDHEC Global Impact Project Certificate, fulfilling the requirement of international experience for graduation.
“EDHEC has moved up the rankings of the best schools in the world for its Master in Management programme and now lies in 11th place,” said Tristan-Pierre Maury, Director of the Grande École and Masters of Science programmes. “This result recognises the academic excellence of our programmes. The Financial Times ranking also highlights the effectiveness of the support offered by our Career Centre and Alumni network, so that each of our students can reveal their potential.”

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