From French Studies to EDHEC: Reasons for Choosing Marketing

Discover Lin Changshi's journey from studying French to pursuing the MSc in Marketing Management at EDHEC, and learn about his experience, scholarship application tips, and future plans.

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23 May 2024
Lin Changshi - MSc in Marketing Management


Lin Changshi, a student majoring in French during his undergraduate studies, joined the MSc in Marketing Management programme at EDHEC in 2023. He was honored with the "Future Chinese Alumni High Impact Scholarship." Prior to joining EDHEC, Lin gained experience in marketing operations and public relations maintenance. Simultaneously, his personal social media accounts amassed over 300,000 followers across various platforms. Here, he shares his reasons for choosing EDHEC and the Marketing Management programme, along with insights into the application process and student experience.


On Choosing EDHEC and the Marketing Management Programme


Can you briefly explain why you chose to join EDHEC?

My purpose for pursuing further studies is straightforward—to enhance my employability. According to the 2020 L’Etudiant rankings, EDHEC's Career Services are ranked #1 in France (FT MiM 2023). Additionally, I have a strong affinity for the city of Lille. Hence, I applied only to EDHEC.


Why did you choose the MSc in Marketing Management programme?

After working for a year in Africa post-graduation, I engaged in marketing operations. Upon returning to China, I joined an international education group, overseeing public relations. Concurrently, during my undergraduate years, I started managing my own social media account, accumulating over 300,000 followers and gradually venturing into brand marketing. Through this process, I developed a keen interest and passion for marketing. I am particularly interested in localising Chinese brands in the European market and promoting French brands in the Asian market. Thus, I aim to systematically learn marketing from scratch.


On Scholarship Application


How did you learn about the Future Chinese Alumni High Impact Scholarship at EDHEC?

I found information about the EDHEC scholarships on the official website and found the description to be fitting. I also wanted to contribute to EDHEC's influence on Chinese social media platforms, so I decided to apply for the scholarship.


Was the application process for this scholarship complex?

Not particularly. After receiving the admission notice, you can apply for the scholarship. It requires an additional essay and a Kira interview, consisting of video recording and answering questions (slightly more challenging than the school application). It's advisable to apply early, as the deadline for this scholarship is May 15th.



On EDHEC Student Experience


What was your first impression when you arrived at EDHEC?

The course schedule is very comprehensive, and the campus environment is beautiful. French and international students are very friendly. 


What is the teaching method and content like in the Marketing Management programme?

The courses are highly practical, and the content is very applicable (such as SPSS). I believe the EDHEC Career Centre provides the most significant assistance. Below are some details about recruitment events received in October:
- October 3rd (Retail Day): L'Oréal, LVMH, Procter & Gamble, Amazon, Galeries Lafayette, Danone, etc.
- October 4th: Boston Consulting Group
- October 9th (Industrial Day): Schneider Electric, Renault, Total, Atlantic Group, Vinci Group, etc.
- October 17th (Consulting Day): PwC, KPMG, Mazars, Ernst & Young, BNP Paribas, Kearney, etc.
- October 19th: JPMorgan Chase, Allianz Insurance, Standard Chartered Bank, Morningstar, Diageo, Amazon, Wincanton.
- October 27th (London Trip): French Business Investment Agency, General Mills, Veolia Environmental Services, Alpha Insight, Uniqlo, Louis Vuitton, Mazars Accounting Firm, one-on-one mentorship talk with FTSE Group.


What is your impression of the Lille campus at EDHEC?

The Lille campus left a profound impression on me; it aligns with my ideal image of a university campus—spacious lawns, surrounded by lush trees, well-equipped swimming pool and gym, creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.


On Future Plans and Application Advice


What are your future plans and aspirations (academic, professional, personal, etc.)?

I plan to make full use of the Career Centre resources to achieve my career goals. For example, in late September, an alumnus who previously worked as the Marketing and Data Manager at Galeries Lafayette shared her experience. After the session, I introduced our PR agency's experience in marketing for different brands and our future plans to her. She expressed interest, and after connecting on LinkedIn, she introduced me to her colleague at Galeries Lafayette. We are currently in smooth communication and progress.


Any advice for students applying to the Msc in Marketing Management programme?

I realised that the earlier you apply, the better prepared you can be. However, I submitted my application in April 2023, which was quite late. Fortunately, I passed the IELTS exam, and application materials were prepared smoothly within two weeks. Looking back, I realise the process was quite intense, especially considering that Marketing Management is one of the most competitive majors.

Additionally, I suggest applicants define their career plans and development directions, make targeted use of school resources, strengthen networking, and practice French. The rest will be taken care of by time.




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