The Global Financing Solutions “MOOC”

EDHEC Business School and Societe Generale are pleased to announce the success of the Global Financing Solutions Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), a programme jointly constructed by the academic…
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9 Mar 2017

EDHEC Business School and Societe Generale are pleased to announce the success of the Global Financing Solutions Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), a programme jointly constructed by the academic institution and one of Europe’s leading providers of financial services.
Harnessing its renowned expertise in finance and excellence, EDHEC launched this innovative training programme in conjunction with longstanding partner, Societe Generale, a global leader in structured finance and debt markets.
For Societe Generale, this initiative forms part of a broader approach geared to digitalising its training solutions. The course is suited to staff in need of customised training and to students looking to gain practical knowledge about the financial services industry.

A major example of educational co-construction
The launch of the MOOC testifies to the joint educational approach developed by the School with corporate partners and is fully consistent with the “EDHEC for Business” strategy.
The six-week MOOC course in English combines theory and practice. Concepts are explained by Professor Abraham Lioui, the head of EDHEC’s Finance department, then illustrated with practical case studies presented by 17 senior experts and executive managers from Societe Generale’s financing department. This distance learning programme comprises a variety of tools including videos, quizzes, learning forums and master classes where, students improve their understanding of the dynamics of financing and its role at the heart of the real economy. The subjects covered include the syndication process, the differences between asset finance and project finance, how capital markets operate, the advantages of securitisation and interest-rate risk hedging.

Highly-successful first edition
The first edition of the course which caters for both Societe Generale staff and EDHEC students has proved a big success. The pilot edition between October and December 2016 attracted some 800 participants, including a number from outside France. The success rate of 36% compared favourably with the average for MOOCs. Participants that pass the MOOC obtain a certificate delivered jointly by EDHEC and Societe Generale.
“The challenge faced by all instructors working with professionals or students in the final stages of their studies is their thirst for practice. Although they are open to abstract concepts, they need to feel the practical potential associated with them”, explains Abraham Lioui, Professor of Finance at EDHEC. “The combination of theoretical videos and practical applications by experts with lengthy experience in the industry ensures the MOOC is grounded in reality”.
“We want to provide the talents of tomorrow – be they students or staff within our institution – with access to training and expertise focused on our business activities”, continues Pierre Palmieri, Head of Financing at Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking. “Through an innovative educational approach, we show how financing activities make an active and practical contribution to financing the real economy”.
“The MOOC provides a fine example of how EDHEC wants to embark corporate partners onto its training programmes in innovative ways. The course is a unique achievement co-constructed with Societe Generale, a longstanding partner and one of EDHEC’s leading recruiters”, comments Anne Zuccarelli, Head of Corporate Relations & Careers at EDHEC.
“We are delighted with the development and success of this MOOC. It’s an excellent example of our long-term partnership with EDHEC and builds on our collaboration on the Risk Allocation Solutions Chair”, comments Edouard-Malo Henry, Head of Human Resources for the Societe Generale Group.

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